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Kajay’s Enviro Protocol

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  • Boric acid + IGR  + knockdown
  • 1 Gallon covers my 2500 sq foot house and my SUV
  • I spray this only twice a year
I fired my pest control operators because they came in, sprayed, and the critters immediately hid from the spray everywhere I did not want them to go: my bed, dresser, and hanging clothes, as well as in any debris lying around. After I read an article in National Allergy magazine about using boric acid to help control dust mites, I devised this recipe. It takes a few weeks to kick in and it is easy to think that it is not this that makes things better – but in my case, it _is_ what made things better. A lot better. I find out if I go past the six month mark (I do this every July 4 and Christmas, that way I don’t forget).
Remember–this is what works for me. I am not qualified to offer a professional opinion or to tell you what you should or should not do, or what is safe or what is not safe.


  • I spray me first!
  • I spray where I don’t want them to go second
  • I spray a grid pattern to leave them a place to escape
And yes, it does last that long. I have been doing this for years now and it still is the best thing I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot, like you).
Warning: Do not use this on anything a child or pet might chew.



If I have time, I vacuum. But if I don’t have time to vacuum, I spray anyway. The sooner the better.
In a gallon sprayer, I–
  • Add 1 quart hot water
  • Stir in 1/2 Cup orthoboric acid (Eaton’s brand is cheap and available online)
  • Add the manufacturer recommended amount of ANY brand of insect growth regulator
  • Add a people-friendly knockdown like Enzyme Cleaner with Peppermint or Orange Plus (tho a little Pine Sol might be okay too)
  • Mix thoroughly then fill sprayer to fill line
I spray a fine but solid stream around everywhere I don’t want the critters to run once I start spraying:
  • ME (especially shoes/boots)
  • Beds
  • Dressers where I am still able to store my clothes (thx to menthol crystals)
  • Closets where I am still able to let my clothes hang
  • Electrical sockets, light switches and fixtures
  • Around window and door frames
I spray two thin streams around the walls, one at knee level and the other just below the ceiling. I “paint” around obstacles like big furniture but make sure I keep the line solid. The thin stream helps ensure I can spray my whole 2500 sq ft home with one gallon. The solid part ensures that the critters on the walls can go nowhere without “crossing streams.”
I do this on July 4 and Christmas. If I go eight months I start having problems, including “fliers.”


Kajay’s Body Lotion and Clothing Spray

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Here are my best and most effective recipes and protocols.  These ingredients, recipes, and protocols might not work for you, or you might be allergic to the ingredients, so test carefully before using, and use at your own risk. Remember, this is not medical advice. This is about what works for me.


The body lotion and clothing spray share common ingredients (Pink Oil, Agrilabs Foot and Hoof Rot Spray [a benzalchonium chloride solution], and Legacy Herbs Insect Repellent) because they work for me. My Enviro Spray consists only of an insect growth regulator, boric acid, and a detergent as knockdown.


I have no connection to any of the manufacturers other than to Sue Lukens at Legacy Herbs, and that is only an email acquaintance. I once thought it would be great if we had a webstore where we could find all the “stuff” many of us use, but decided I did not want to do that after all.


Remember, there are no guarantees that what works for me will work for you. Also, as always, whatever each of us as adults chooses to do or use in order to cope with our own situation is our own personal choice, and our own personal risk. I use these products, and the others I use, at my own risk, as do you with the things you do and use.


~~~ My Personal Protocol ~~~


Here are the main components of my personal protocols:




Daily lice combing with a Hartz flea comb and a nice conditioner for my color-treated hair, followed by an equally nice shampoo for color-treated hair and then more conditioner.




Tub bath with my treatment du jour (varies, but I prefer to think of them all as my bubble bath), followed by application of my body lotion recipe.




I always bathe before going to bed. But if when I get up in the morning I don’t have time for another leisurely tub bath, I comb if I have time, or at least throw on some hair product and dry my hair while still in my pajamas (one-time wear only). Right before I get dressed, I spray my socks and clothing with my insect repellent mixture.


~~~ My Body Lotion ~~~




Mixing container

Any 1 to 4 quart (gallon) container that you can seal up, then pick up and shake. I use those large clear plastic iced tea bottles with the sturdy handles and orange cap (hold cap when shaking bottle), but similar container that you have on hand is fine. You can also mix this up in a pitcher, but you will need a large wire whisk to mix it with.


Must be large enough so that I can stick it in the mixing container, turn up a quart Pink Oil bottle, go off and leave it, and when I come back the bottle will have drained completely into my mixing container.

 Dispensing container

I use a melamine bowl, small at the bottom, but stable, and wide at the top so I can easily scoop the lotion out.





  • 1 to 4 quarts of Luster Pink Oil
  • 1/4 Cup Agrilabs Foot and Hoof Rot Spray for each quart of Pink Oil
  • 1/2 to 1 teaspoon Legacy Herbs Insect Repellent for each quart of Pink Oil


  • 1/4 to 1/2 Cup Aveeno (any lotion) for each quart of Pink Oil (the wax in it speeds lotion drying plus it calms skin)
  • 1 tube of Miconazole or Clotrimazole Vaginal Cream for each quart of Pink Oil




 Add ingredients in order listed above. Cap container and shake or stir with wire whisk.


Effects (Mine)


This body lotion recipe seems to reduce movement and biting throughout the day for me. It does not eliminate it, but it makes getting through a day possible.


~~~ My Clothing Spray ~~~



1-quart spray bottle with a good sprayer that allows a fine mist. Sprayers in inexpensive bottles seem to be better and better, so an inexpensive bottle will usually work. One I like is the Zep quart spray bottle. I have found these for under $4 at Home Depot, but others will work as well.

Ingredients and Mixing Procedure


I fill the quart spray bottle 1/5 full with the hoof spray, add 1/2 dropper of insect repellent, and then fill the bottle with water. If I am going to be outside a lot, I add a couple more drops of the insect repellent to whatever is left in the quart bottle.

Spraying Technique


I am careful to spray only a fine mist and keep the bottle moving. Otherwise the pink hoof spray will spot my light clothing (I wear mostly dark pants and bold print tops to hide it just in case). Pants legs get a little extra spray, and I spray my socks pretty thoroughly–damp, not wet–and wad them up to let the chemical spread through the fibers for a few seconds before I put them on (optional).

Effects (Mine)


This spray SEEMS to do two things for me: repel flying insects, and prevent fallout biting. It also seems to work for about 8 to 10 hours for me, longer in cooler environments, even as long as 14 to 16 hours.


Kajay’s Favorite Products

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When my nightmare began, I was in the peak of health: 5’4″ and 114 pounds and physically strong; a hunter and cross-country hiker; successful white-collar semi-professional; with low cholesterol, slightly low blood sugar, and amazing blood pressure.

My vector was my first gobbler. I worked hard for him, moving seven times in a swamp before finally outsmarting him. Unfortunately, because it was a long hunt and I needed to leave, I did not allow the carcass to cool for very long before I hoisted it up on my shoulder and carried it out of the woods. Normally I threw my hunting clothes in the washer as soon as I got home, then showered, but that day I sat down for a while before I changed. When I did shower, I checked for ticks thoroughly as always but found nothing.

For the record, I was on no medications. I did not (and do not) have AIDS. I had no chronic conditions except for hayfever and nearsightedness.

It was 1988. In May of this year, I realized that 25 years have passed since haste and a bad decision resulted in, well, if you have something like this going on in your life, I don’t have to spell out what it’s been like. Gradually I found products and protocols, and developed some recipes, that helped me in various ways. I have NO idea if any of these will help you. I am not a medical professional. I am not recommending, advising, or prescribing. I am reporting. If you choose to try anything on this website or in this article, it is your decision and your responsibility. Whatever you choose to do, whether it is here or elsewhere, I wish you relief from the symptoms that bother you and whatever scourge you suffer; I wish you a calm spirit; and I wish you the ability to live as full a life as possible even while you continue to fight to get your whole life back.

So, nuff said, these are the products that help me deal with the symptoms of my particular dermopathy. Note that the links are for your convenience. I am not affiliated with the manufacturers and sellers other than, in one case, an email acquaintance. No money changes hands. In fact, the search engine optimizer I use scolds me for providing you with so many outlinks.

Clothing spray: Stops most of my biting from sheds. I mix 1 tsp insect repellent and 6 oz Agrilabs spray in a quart sprayer, fill with water.

Body lotion: Stops movement for me and reduces biting. Prevents intimate intrusions! Uses the two previous ingredients plus this one:

  • Luster Pink Oil (I use the Original formula). This runs between $9 and $11 depending on where I get it. It is available at Walmart, in many beauty supply houses, and at

Enviro spray: This home-made mixture makes my home and car habitable. Turns carpet and walls into killing machines. See also my articles on Knockdowns… and Borates…

Vinyl gloves: reduces shedding on keyboard and aids in preventing transmission via my hands. I keep plenty on hand and change them often.

Kerchief at night: Keeps me from turning my face into contaminated pillowcase.

Flea comb: for me, nightly lice combing reduces shed/fallout bites, neck itches, scalp crawlies. I like a flea comb with a rubberized and ergonomically shaped handle. This gives me a lot more control and I can finish faster.

Disposable sheets: save my back, my time, and my sanity. According to my calculations of water, water heater, detergent, electricity, and time and physical energy, they also save me money.

Eyelid wipes: I scrub these on lids, blink, then scrub on eyebrows; with my eyes still closed, I rinse and blot eyes (with clean paper towel) at least three times, then I keep my eyes closed for about 30 seconds. I do one eye at the time.

Lint rollers: I prefer Evercare brand.

Baking soda

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent

Dawn Dish Detergent

White vinegar

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Tweet Mint: Early on, this was a crucial component in my survival. Since then, I have found other detergents that do more for me. However, a few drops of it in a quart spray bottle filled with water will NAIL a spider and drop a mosquito out of the air. Also makes an effective knockdown (scented detergent) in my Enviro Spray recipe.

Diatomaceous Earth. I give my dogs a tablespoon in their supper meal daily from Spring through Fall. It renders sterile the offspring of any fly or other insect that lands on their piles. I can walk out in my yard and nothing is flying around. I leave my yard and get swarmed.

Aveeno Skin Relief or Daily Moisturizing Lotion

1′ x 3′ Shower scrub cloth

Large hand brushes for scrubbing hands etc.

There’s more I’m just not thinking of right now, much more, but this is a start.


P.S. Jefferspet carries several brands of Ivermectin paste.

Linda’s Protocol

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1. Sprayed the house (walls, floors, surfaces of tables) many times with Windex and/or ammonia water
2. Disposed of a lot (most) of furniture to dump, including all rugs – 2 trailer loads to dump including new couches, new bed, dressers, almost everything
3. Removed carpeting downstairs (we are in a 2 level condo) and left floors for 1 year as bare concrete, meanwhile mopping, vacuuming, spraying all floors and walls while empty.
4. Had PCOs come spray inside of house on many occasions (a waste of $)
5. Put down DE at various times all over the floors, in bookcases
6. Mopped all floors upstairs on hardwood with ammonia water (ruined floors)
7. Used bug bombs in house on many occasions
8. Sprayed a pesticide around all cracks near baseboards (from Walmart) every 6 months.
9. Bought fogger and fogged with Cedarcide entire house + attic.
10. Purchased a Singer steam press and steam pressed all clothing for at least a year, blankets, sheets, everything and stored in plastic zip lock bags. Used plastic bag for purse.
11. Purchased and used a dehumidifier and ran that steadily for 6 months straight.
12. Constant cleaning and vacuuming (daily, upstairs and downstairs)
13. Changed sheets daily
14. Used a swiffer mop and mopped our air mattress with a combo spray of alcohol and white vinegar
15. Slept on air mattresses for a year or longer.
16. Moved out of our bedroom downstairs and bought bed frame (wood) from Ikea and put air mattress on that. Slept with sheets, and 1 blanket all year.
17. Removed all knick knacks, any clutter from entire house. I took to dump or put in large plastic bins to store.
18. Purchased cheap shoes and clothing and tossed frequently.
19. Kept all shoes outside after spraying with Windex
20. Had inside of computer cleaned out by Fry’s electronics; replaced keyboard on several occasions.
21. Purchased good microscope to look at debris from body.
22. Removed furnace and A/C which was original to house and installed new (mold throughout A/C system).
23. Repainted entire house inside (this summer)


There is probably more. We lived in constant prayer… stayed away from family and friends for a year. They were told what we were fighting. That was just for the external environment…




1. Got diagnosis of Lyme/Bartonella/Babesia, and Morgellons from LLMD and started treatment in 2009. Started treating all three diseases (not gone, of course).
2. Occasional bathing and soaking with essential oils
3. Attacking itching in scalp with combo oils of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and oregano oil after showering, leaving that in regardless of smell to others
4. Cut hair very short, boy cut
5. Used hair blower after showers and using hottest setting (I always do this)
6. Used various fungal shampoos… and tea tree oil shampoos on body and hair
7. Used scrubber cloths from Walmart to do a hard scrub all over body
8. Realized I needed to work on increasing my immune support to get body into a healthier place… a work in progress
9. Used Aquaphor on skin when itching was the worst and helps to get a healthy skin barrier back after all the external remedies
10. Used man products that were supposed to kill pathogens on skin
11. Came to realization that much of what I have had became internal so working from an internal point and not just on the outer…
12. Used Vicks for 1st year around nose, eyes, mouth to keep these things out of my orifaces.
13. Did colon cleanses for many months (they go into the rectum, penis, vagina)… recommended by Dr. Staninger to me
14. Working on my spirituality (this should not be listed last) and is ongoing.

These entities are not all gone, but the load is much much lower… I manage these various expressions of this disease process now. Strangely during the change of seasons things are very quiet and I have very few symptoms right now, although struggling with change of drugs for sleep, Lyme, Bartonella, and high blood pressure.

I see fewer fibers 5-1/2 years later, and fewer strange floating things in the house with cooler weather. I am of the opinion that some of these symptoms are due to Lyme/ Bartonella & Babesia as well as newly discovered Fry protozoa parasite FL1953 which is a great imitator of Bartonella symptoms. Also believe that chemtrail materials are affecting all of us, including all living matter on the planet… (Carnicom).

Disposable Sheets

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To find these wonderful inventions online, click this link and scan the results for the 58″ x 102″ size:

I suggest avoiding links to Here’s why:

1. Fast shipping–but at outragous prices, with no free ship or value option.

2. Good prices but see item 1.

3. Coupons available, but they failed to honor my last one, a good coupon that allowed me to increase my quantity ordered, and then they charged me full price, which I could not afford and had not planned for.

They spent a great deal of time telling me what they were not willing to do and offering me near worthless alternative discounts. This, by the way, is how I began my relationship with Medex Supply back when they were the only source for disposable sheets.

But you know what? They no longer are. Click this link to find disposable sheets:

Now, dear ones, sleep tight, and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

FDA Targets Gordon

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I received the following email from Gordon, developer of the enzymes that eliminated my lesions overnight in March 2011. I am not going to say how this makes me feel knowing I will no longer have this product that did things for me that nothing else has, knowing that this sweet man who has spent far more developing and distributing his enzyme-based products than he will ever make back, knowing that more is here than meets the eye…if Gordon has helped you, please email him and tell him so. I am sure he will not be the only person reading his email. Individually we don’t make much of a difference, I don’t believe, but collectively, we might. I’m not sure what we can change, if anything, but I for one am going to try, and have already sent my email to Gordon:

Gordon’s letter

Dear Friends,
For those of you who have not heard I am being investigated by the FDA in a criminal investigation that began for me on June 13th. At that time I was presented with a search and seizure warrant and all of my products, raw materials, packaging, capsules; even my computer were seized as evidence in this investigation. I got my computer back yesterday after the hard drive was copied.
The FDA is contending that I am promoting a cure for Morgellons with my products without FDA approval. Of course you all know that I have never stated I had a cure, but simply tried to ease people’s symptoms through my enzyme formula. Nevertheless, I am quite concerned that since an investigation has already been initiated that there will be no stopping it until my blood has been spilled. I am deeply discouraged for those of you who were getting symptom relief since I am essentially shut down until who knows when, if ever. The attorney tells me that if convicted I will be facing prison time
I have added my mailing and e-mail addresses to the bottom of this note in the event that you would like to help with my legal defense costs. Also, an e-mail note or letter in support of my efforts to help the community would also be appreciated.
At this time I have no idea what the future holds. I am trying to hold my head high knowing that my efforts were only directed to the benefit of humanity. I am so sorry that I cannot help you further with this awful disease at the present time.
God Bless,
Gordon Stamp
1960 Whitetail Ridge Court
Excelsior, MN 55331



Moving? How I Prep My New Spaces

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IF I were going to move again, before I moved in, as soon as I could, I would spray all latex painted walls and any other soft anything (except what children or pets may chew) with my enviro spray. It takes 8 to 12 weeks to kick in and has been for me a powerful tool in keeping down the critter population. If I had time, I would clean everything, and I mean everything, before spraying. BUT if I could not clean for whatever reason, I would spray anyway. I don’t care if where I was moving was full of junk. I would still spray anyway. I probably would NOT be going someplace with carpet, if I could help it, so the walls and any other absorbent surfaces would be my main concern. If the place DID have carpet, then they would get my equal attention. The key would be for me to get that clock ticking.


  • Gallon sprayer. I use whatever gallon sprayer I happen to own at the time, and rinse it out thoroughly when I am done. Otherwise the boric acid will corrode any metal parts.
  • Insect repellent–I like Legacy Herbs Insect Repellent. Not only does it smell better (to me) than other repellents, it works great for me.
  • Caulk–Clear, white, and any other color I need. Home Depot and Walmart both, at this writing, carry a latex caulk that has a guaranteed life of 35 years. Basic colors are cheapest, specialty colors carry slightly more special pricing.
  • Caulk Guns–One for each color of caulk. Much faster and easier.
  • Tile Sealer–If the house has tile, it needs sealing. No one seals their tile often enough. I would do an online search to see if there was a good commercial sealer available that was safe for interior home use.
  • Insulating Foam–Cut to fit between outlets and switches and their covers. I buy mine at in the electrical department at any mega home store.
  • Large-ish Funnel
  • Stirring Tool–I grab anything with a long, inflexible handle. If I can find the whisk I reserve for mixing household recipes, I use that, because wire whisks stir powders into liquid faster than anything else I have found. (I never use that whisk with food.)
  • 1 Cup Boric Acid–Had I not discovered Eaton’s Boric Acid in the 5 lb tub, which I order online (several webstores carry it, I just search for it), I would still be buying the same thing in those white cylindrical Roach powder containers with the pointy red caps that are available in the pest control section of my local home stores.
  • Insect Growth Regulator–I buy this from a DIY pest control store locally or online.
  • Detergent–I use any detergent that has a stong odor, or any detergent plus an additive with a strong odor. I have used many things. Some (all work) include Orange Plus, Tweet Mint, Cedarcide, and Pine Sol–this will not only subdue the critters during spraying, but mask my scent. KleenAway dissolves some critters (I have seen that happen under the microscope).
  • A puffer like the Pest Pistol Mini Duster sold at Amazon for $9.95. I say this, but I never use it anymore. I would if I moved someplace where I haven’t already puffed the whole building.
  • Food-Grade Diatomaceous Earth (I can add it to my food or drink, or to my pets’ food, and use it on my house). Amazon has a 10-lb bag for $under $20. The 25-lb bags are a better deal.


Again, if I can, I clean top to bottom and caulk all cracks. Caulk seals stuff away from me. I have had to be a detective and contortionist to figure out and locate all the places that things can get into my house. This is a good investment of time and saves me money on my energy bills as well as eliminating entry points for all manner of critters. I caulk all joints, that is, everywhere something is connected to something else: floor to baseboard, baseboard to walls, walls to door or window molding or built-in casework.

Enviro Spray

1. In a 1 gal sprayer (1 gal should be plenty) I fill half full with hot water (to dissolve the boric acid). Then I add–

  • 1 Cup boric acid
  • Insect growth regulator in the amount specified on the label for a 1-gallon sprayer.
  • 1 Tbsp of whatever detergent I chose

2. I stir until the boric acid dissolves in the hot water (a few seconds). Then I fill the sprayer with cold water, which slows the drying time (a good thing).


I spray insect repellent on myself, especially inside cuffs of pants, around shoes, etc. Also, I wear gloves and spray them before removing outlet and switch covers.


That’s right, I save the largest areas–floor and walls–for last. The first thing I want to do is to cut off the obvious escape routes into all the places I don’t want critters to escape!


I wrap a tarp or other large sheet of plastic around all my clean clothes. I make sure that I wrap UP, so that the tarp protects the clothes from the bottom. Ideally, I spray the closet when it is empty


I remove covers and wash them. I spray them if I like, then after dry wipe off the powder residue.
I would puff DE inside the outlets and switches, and around them, and around the junction boxes, if they were open. Before that, I would first caulk anything I wanted to seal up. Boric acid is extremely corrosive. I would not use my Enviro Spray (which contains boric acid) on metal. Boric acid will rust metal quickly. I would use a pistol duster and apply diatomaceous earth instead. For example, I would dust INSIDE light fixtures and outlets. Then I might lightly apply some Enviro spray to the clean switch or outlet covers, then reinstall.



If the interior trim on my new home was dark, and I were renting, then I would plan on cleaning monthly with any strong-scented cleaner.
If the interior trim were white, I would  include it in my spraying. If the trim is high gloss, I would wipe it down after it dried.




If there were ceiling fans or light fixtures, I would spray a large circle around them, avoiding metal.




I would spray thin SOLID lines around–

* The edge of the ceiling near where it meets the walls.

* The top of the walls, just below where it meets the ceiling.

* The lower part of the walls just above the baseboards. I spray up, over, and around door frames and furniture, but I KEEP THE LINE SOLID

* Installed cabinets and outlets if need be.

Then I would spray a GRID on the wall between the lines at the top and bottom of it, all the way around the room, as if I were going to play a huge tic-tac-toe game.

WHY don’t I spray a solid mist all over? Because misting leaves plenty of room for the critters to walk AROUND the ingredients. I like to give them a place to run away from the spray, but to have to cross a demilitarized zone (solid line of the ingredient) in order to go ANYWHERE. That is what works.



Then I do my car upholstery and flooring, as well as any carpeted trim such as carpeted  side panels on doors if they are carpeted.


Warning: This will not eliminate my problem. But it will make it a lot less horrid, and much more manageable.


From Carpet to Tile: Plusse and Minuses

April 21, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

After our washing machine flood, we had to replace everything up to baseboard level in half the house and all the carpet. Because of the critters and my long-term desire to see if hard flooring would simplify maintenance, we refinanced our house to pick up what the insurance would not pay toward tile floors. We have them now. Here is my report:

Lost: Carpet fibers as a weapon. My enviro spray soaked deep into carpet fibers, turning them into forests of razor blades (crystal-infused “trees”) that shredded larval forms of microorganisms and microorganisms unprotected by their exoskeletons after molting (everything with an exoskeleton eventually outgrows it and the only way to keep growing is to shed the old exoskeleton and grow a new one. Talk about nasty bites. These are the meanest of all). In addition, the boric acid in the carpet fibers dessicated (pulled moisture from) the critters as well as shorting out their electrical fields (boric acid is used to reduce and control nuclear fission]).

Gained: Though the damaged vertebrae in my back make mopping a challenge (it is the twisting under force that hurts), I find that I can apply my regular mop solution (2 oz Pine Sol and 6 drops of Lime Away to a gallon of water) and it deters activity for a week or more, depending on how active the critters are on my body.

Other notes: I still have to routinely clean surfaces. I store my clothes in a bin on top of a folding table. That puts the clothes higher than any but a full grown flea can jump (they can go 3 ft straight up) and out of reach of most critters. Though critters have no problem climbing up the legs of anything, almost all of them have a little problem climbing upside down to get over the lip of first a table and then a bin.

Trivia: Critters are the reason for facings in nice trousers, for molding ledges between the lower drawers and the underwear drawer in a dresser, and for the cutout in the wood in the base of a nice dresser or chest. Why the cutout? It gives critters a place to set up housekeeping–other than in the aforementioned underthings. Ever notice cheap furniture goes straight down to the floor? If yours does, you might want to just tack on a strip of any kind of wood or molding to create a ledge. Same with your bed. Mine is on casters and is a platform bed with a wide ledge on top of a narrower ledge. Naturally when I do my six month spraying, I spray under both right after I spray a repellent on myself, because the second place after my body that I don’t want the freaked out critters to run is my BED. Then I do the outlets and fixtures, then around the windows and doors, then my grid on the wall. (Details here.)

BORATES – When and How I Use Them–or Not

April 16, 2013 By: kajay Category: Enviro Spray and Protocol


WHY USE? Boric acid kills THREE ways: it shreds soft tissue (larval stage for critters that have one, and critters who have just ‘molted,’ that is, that have just outgrown and shed their exoskeleton).

BRAND–I buy the cheapest boric acid [aka ‘orthoboric acid’] that I can find, which happened to be Eaton’s the last time I checked).

 ENVIRO SPRAY (for porous or soft surfaces)–Fill a gallon jug partly full of HOT water. No, boric acid will not dissolve in cold water. But it WILL dissolve in hot water. Add the amount of IGR specified for use in a gallon sprayer on the IGR instructions. Then add any detergent for a knockdown. My first choice is LimeAway. It is toxic, however I use a tiny amount, leave the house while the floor dries, and then come back.

SOFT SURFACES–If you use my enviro spray on carpet and all other porous or absorbent surfaces in the home (upholstery, curtains, walls painted with flat latex paint, stucco), it soaks in. I just sprayed all my newly painted walls and there is no evidence of the presence of a borate on the wall (they are light colors).



Warning: NEVER use DRY borates on hard floors! They make the surface slippery and dangerous.


Because borates do leave a white powder residue on dark surfaces and because dry powders in general make hard floors slippery, I recommend using NON-borates on dark surfaces and hard floors. There is no single product that will work for you or for everyone. Here are the main things I look for:
For example, I look for a non-toxic ingredient that impedes critter movement (ideally kills them but at least keeps them from jumping on me for a day or two), and that masks my scent. White vinegar will work for a few hours, and you can spray it full strength or diluted. Other options include, and this is not everything, of course–
  • an orange or lemon-fragranced cleaner such as Orange Plus; OR
  • an evergreen-scented product like Pine Sol, Lysol, or Cedarcide
Warning: Natural evergreen scent is carried into the lungs via resins that accumulate in the lungs and can eventually cause respiratory problems. This is the only reason why I have not bought a cedar bed, lol!

Bill’s Protocols

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Body: MSM, Borax

Bath: Arm and Hammer Powdered Laundry Detergent

Scalp: Arm and HammerPowdered Laundry Detergent, Coconut oil


============ BODY

  • 1 Tsp MSM Powder
  • 32 Oz Water
  • 2 Tbsp Borax

Apply all over if I get sick of the peroxide mixture

MSM is sold in capsules. I open capsules, mix with the other ingredients above, pour over head and leave on till next shower.

Note:  MSM and Hydrogen Peroxide are both penetrants. That is, they help anything mixed with them penetrate the skin.

============ BATH

  • 1 C. Arm and Hammer powdered laundry detergent
  • Pour in tub and soak for 30 minutes. Helps a lot. Many folks have been cured just doing this.

============ SHAMPOO

  • 2 to 3 Tbsp Arm and Hammer powdered laundry detergent
  • 32 Oz Water
  • Shampoo. Repeat 3 times a week for several weeks. This kills them on the scalp.

============ CONDITIONER

  • 2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

Add to bath and dunk head. Restores moisture and makes hair look brand new.

Bill says, “I did this and all crawling has stopped for 3 to 5 years now. Praise God ! I prayed so hard for that to stop.”

BOUNDARIES: Because it is OUR business

April 13, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

When I first got Morgellons, I was so desperate for help, for someone to acknowledge that this was real, that I told everyone close to me. Later I wondered what I hoped to gain from that. What if they did acknowledge it was real? For one thing, I would have immediately been prevented from reporting to work until medical doctors stated in writing that I was okay. My family would have snuck around and avoided me rather than hurting my feelings.

Instead, they did not acknowledge it. No one did.

Do you know why your medical doctor, dermatologist, pest control operator (PCO), and even entomologists all think we are crazy when we describe our symptoms? It is because of an article that appears in all of their trade databases. It is not because they are ignorant or mean. It is because they take what we say, go look it up, and come back believing what they read. Until their databases remove that article and replace it with one based on the reality of Morgellons, many of the members of those professions will go on responding based on what their most trusted resources tell them–because unless they have more information about Morgellons from other sources, that is what they will believe, and they will go on compassionately suggesting we seek psychological counseling.

Sometimes we still need more ordinary help from these professionals. But guess what: I no longer tell them about Morg. I no longer discuss it with my boss or my family. I have dealt with and continue to deal with this on my own, and with you who know it is not in our heads. I now tell people only what they need to know–no more.

If someone invites me to their home, I don’t have to say, “Sorry, no can do. I have Morgellons.” I can see the looks on their faces now. No, wait. I can REMEMBER the looks on their faces! Some such invitations are simpler to refuse than others. So I accept. And then on the day or night of, I phone and make a credible excuse–it can be anything. By then they have their hands full with preparations and won’t pressure me to come or ask for a reason.

If someone wants to shake my hand, I don’t have to say, “Sorry, I can’t shake your hand, I have Morgellons.” I can say anything else that will keep me from having to shake their hand. I can say that I have a cold, or that I need to wash my hands, or just that I don’t shake hands. I usually avoid the last one because people tend to think what I really mean is that I don’t want to shake THEIR hand.

No, I have come to realize that this disease is not their business.

It is OUR business.


Pet Treatment (work in progress)

April 10, 2013 By: kajay Category: Protocols

Lyme Sulfur dip weekly
Revolution biweekly now monthly

Please comment with what works for your pets (dogs, cats, birds, chickens, etc.)

Carolyn’s Protocol

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Bottom line up front:

Body: Sulfur

Enviro: Clorox, Borax

Laundry: Tide, Borax

Skin: Sulfur, Olive Oil, Vicks Vapo Rub

Scalp: Sulfur 8, Selsun Blue Menthol


#3 Carolyn (still in progress)
Possible scabies infestation (animal/human?) 80 percent cured


  • Sulfur lotion/cream
  • Sulfur soap
  • Sulfur 8 shampoo and alternate with Selsun Blue shampoo menthol
  • Arm and Hammer Laundry detergent
  • Borax
  • Tide
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Olive oil (skin at night)
  • Vicks (face at night)
  • Satin sheets and pillow case
  • Clorox Bleach
  • Clorox bleach spray
  • Clorox disinfectant wipes


  • Washed and dried hot all clothing and bedding daily in Borax and Tide.
  • Washed and dried coats every other day
  • Steam pressed all clothing and blanket
  • Sprinkle Arm and Hammer baking soda in shoes
  • Wash floors with Borax and water
  • Sprayed and cleaned furniture, counter tops, and door knobs with Clorox Bleach spray
  • Used Clorox wipes on keyboard, cell phone, mouse, remotes, etc
  • Cleaned bathroom with Clorox bleach spray
  • Tossed couch out, bought futon
  • Vacuumed bedroom daily
  • Steam clean carpet daily with Borax and water


Cheryl’s Protocol

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Bottom line up front:

All: Prayer

Enviro: Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Internal: Ivermectin


Scalp: Sulphur products

Skin: Sulphur products, Vicks Vapo Rub

Misc: Epsom Salts, Sea Salt, Vinegar


  • Pray.
  • Boil clothes before laundering.
  • Use diatomaceous earth (DE).
  • Use epsom salts.
  • Use sea salt.
  • Use vinegar.
  • Use All Stop Medicated skin cream loaded with sulfur.
  • Use any type of sulfur products shampoo soap etc.
  • Use Sulpher 8 ointment for the scalp.
  • Use Vicks Vapo-Rub on face at night for sleeping.
  • Use Ivermectin.
  • Get rid of toe fungal infection with antifungal meds.
  • Cry a lot.

Things I’m Looking Forward To

April 09, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

When I get well, and I still believe I will, though it doesn’t look like it will be today, here are the things I am looking forward to:

Things I am looking forward to:
  • Sleeping in the same bed with my husband again.
  • Living in a house not covered in borates.
  • Strappy sandals.
  • Skirts.
  • Shorts.
  • Swimming in a pool.
  • Getting my hair cut professionally.
  • Not having to spray myself with cold liquids.
  • Not having to bathe in too hot or too cold water.
  • Not having to experiment with smelly or potentially dangerous chemicals.
  • Not having to lice comb every night of my life (for well over a decade now – but it has helped keep my life manageable)
  • Not having to take medication to turn my skin off so I can rest
  • (Now that I know it is a possibility, thanks to Aayandra) Being able to sit down without my big toe feeling like it has been stuck in an electrical socket
  • Being able to unpack some of the books that have been put away in bags and boxes with menthol crystals, and knowing that I will never have sinus trouble when I read :-)

The list could be MUCH longer, but you know this stuff already :-)

May 2012 Report

April 09, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

There are several places to find support and information from other sufferers. The best I have found is birdmitesorg. There are others, but that is where I would start. I also have a comprehensive list of resources and best practices at Morjella: the Magazine for Morgellons Sufferers (aka body bugs).
Go join that group and jump into the conversation. Don’t worry, we’ve heard it all, complete with the emotional aspects of what you are going through.
There are those among us who have gotten well. Those most recently infected recover most quickly because the infection is less established in their bodies. I was infected in 1988 and only now am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
This has been a learning process. Dissed by the medical profession because of a poorly researched 2001 article they take as gospel (Delusory Parasitosis [DP] by Nancy Hinkle, a veterinary entomologist at University of GA) because it is published as “truth” in the trade encyclopedias of three professions whose help we need and consequently do not get: medical doctors, including dermatologists; pest control operators (PCOs); and entomologists themselves, we have had to do our own research and development – uninsured and unsupported by the previously mentioned key professionals and as a result, unsupported and often cut off or prevented from seeking care by those who love us and tell us it is for our own good–or, like the docs and PCOs, they say it is all in our minds. Everybody wants to send us to a shrink. Well, this will make a person crazy, and crazy people are not immune from getting it, but we do not get this because we are crazy. While I recognize the legitimacy of DP or DOP, as it is also called “delusions of parasitosis,” that is definitely not what I have myself. What I have bites me and leaves bloody holes in my skin. I carry a styptic pencil (like men use when they cut themselves shaving) to stop the bleeding. They are cheap, so I keep one wherever I spend time: home, car, office.
Morgellons is now considered a strain of Lyme because it is vectored by insects or mites or ticks, thus it can be counted among tick-borne diseases.. Many who have Morg also have Lyme and find their solution through a Lyme literate MD (LLMD). For this reason, the second Yahoo group you should join is your state’s Lyme group, for example, AlabamaLyme, GeorgiaLyme, WisconsinLyme.
I have lucked up and found an LLMD I like in a nearby state, and he has diagnosed me with Lyme and put me on minocycline, an intracellular (within cell) antibiotic he says I might have to take up to a year. I am lucky. Probably because of the evening primrose oil I have taken for many years, first to control menopausal night sweats and other symptoms, and since for allergies, I have never had brain fog. I am lucky. Most have it.
In addition I am using products from Big Island Skin Care called Enzpire or F-8. I mix the powder in water to spray on my skin and from the day I started using it Mar 2011, 14 months ago almost, I have not had lesion one. Still have the rest, though. I also take the capsules, a different enzymatic formula. There is more but everything I know is published at, but you will find much more at birdmitesorg.
I have also found several things (all published at Morjella, just look through the categories to see what is there) that have made my life easier during the recovery process.
The bottom line is, I believe you, others with this will believe you, and you can get well. Make sure when you ask questions to ask people to tell you what got them well, and whatever that is, that will give you a start point.

Doctor Doctor DOP

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These days I not only tell anyone, I also play dumb, dumb, dumb–especially with doctors. I show them the visible signs and if I mention the crawling, I ask them what could cause that? That keeps me from satisfying the criteria that Nancy Hinkle would have everyone believe means that we are delusional. Here are some key things to avoid doing:
1) I never tell a doctor anymore is what I think it is.
2) I never take samples to the doctor–especially on scotch tape!!!
3) I never ever say I have seen them, and they look like lint!
I avoid giving the doctor these four keywords: self-diagnosis, samples, scotch tape, lint
Why? Here’s why.
Time after time others here report the same experience I had.
A) Doctor meets us and treats us like any other patient.
B) We describe symptoms, present samples
C) Doc leaves to look up symptom keywords (above) in database
D) They find Nancy Hinkle’s article entitled “Delusory Parasitosis”
E) A table of DP symptoms exactly matches those we just described
F) Doc returns with that closed look we all know and tells us we need to seek psychiatric help, or just says they can’t help us.

That’s the reason. It is not their fault, other than that they blindly believe an article that we know, at least in our thousands of cases, to be mostly untrue.

Cecelia’s Protocol

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Bottom line up front

Enviro: Diatomaceous earth, IGR, Pestene Powder, Steam press, Vacuum

Laundry: Borax, Ammonia

Skin: Sulphur soap


  • Puff diatomaceous earth into all cracks and crevices and around floor boards.
  • Spray with IGR (did 3 times).
  • Use Pestene powder from Australia along floor boards.
  • Use borax and ammonia in the laundry and dry tumble at hottest temp.
  • Steam press all clothes.
  • Change bed linens and clothes every day.
  • Used sulphur soap.
  • Move and take nothing to the new place–not even cars.
  • Vacuum every day.

More on Farm Theory and Biofilm

April 09, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

I think that the first parasite that establishes in our body sets up the most advantageous environment it can for itself. Think of people who first move to a place. If they came without food supplies, they must live off the land: berries, nonpoisonous plants and fungi, and the like. Then they start cultivating livestock and crops. I think the critters do the same. I believe the bartonella and babesia are those livestock and crops, which may be why they are the co- to so many infections.

I came to this conclusion after 1) my external chitinase treatment (fresh, bio-active chitinase) brought thousands of tiny gelatinous squares to the surface of my skin and the grid patterned red dots disappeared from my body and 2) I immediately started getting lesions. I do not believe this sudden co-incidental change to be mere chance. I believe it signaled the elimination of biofilm from my body. Because the gelatinous squares emerged all at once and the red grid disappeared simultaneously – a grid whose spacing coincided with the size of the gelatinous squares, I think they must be related–the squares and the grid, that is. I think what happened is that there was a grid, made of chitin, under the surface of my skin, and that the attachment points were the hair follicles. I think this because every red dot was actually an inflamed spot at the base of hair follicles–those that formed a grid pattern. In other words, not all hair follicles were infected. Those that were, formed dots that, if lines were drawn between them, would look like a massive tic-tac-toe grid.

So the next question is, why a grid? And why would the grid squares coincide in size and shape with the gelatinous shapes that emerged from my body? If the chitinase dissolved something, it wasn’t the gelatinous squares, since they emerged in consistent size and shape, un-eroded. The red dots disappeared, but what were they?

Since they had been at the base of hair follicles, I suspect that the chitinase dissolved something made of chitin that was holding the squares between the follicles, like a cradle. The red dots, I believe, were the attachment points for a grid-type cradle designed to hold the gelatinous squares at a set distance below the surface of the skin. I cannot imagine WHY, unless oxygen is more available, or unless the biofilm was somehow able to access the nutrients in our blood without producing the lesions they were, I also believe, forced to create in order to eat after their longer term, less obvious (to their host) method was eliminated.

I think the gelatinous squares ARE the biofilm, and that it consists of bacteria that serve as food for the predominant parasite, and since I came up negative for babesia and bartonella in my lab tests, and since the red dots disappeared after the chitinase treatment, I think the biofilm IS the babesia and/or bartonella, and that they are co-habit a host with a primary infector simply because the primary infector installs–and farms–them to serve as food for the primary infector, whether that primary infector is lice, lyme, birdmites, or morg. And btw I think the morg came after the birdmites set up housekeeping (biofilm) in my body, and that they immediately kicked the birdmites out, or ate them. The morg have eliminated everything except the fungal beetles in my feet, which I am still battling.

Once the first parasite has set up a nice cushy constant feeding system such as I think the grid and the gelatinous squares provide, it is like the host becomes a food court for micro-organisms, with a sign out front that says “Come one, come all! Dine free on us!” And come they do.

Obviously this is only a theory, and even if parts of it are correct, it probably isn’t all correct. If anyone has supporting and/or contradictory facts, I would love to hear them. I am not open to other theories, however, only to proven scientific facts. Why? Because I have no way of proving my own theory, which I believe to be true, let alone someone else’s :-)

However, it will not hurt my feelings in the least to be presented with hard scientifically proven facts. I want to get to the bottom of this, and I realize my imagination is not enough.

Knockdowns for Enviro Spray

April 09, 2013 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Tips

The Pine Sol is a pretty darn good knockdown but like all resin based products, it lasts only until the smell lasts. And I do not use it every time, only when I am responding to a problem. Normally my choice is TweetMint.

Of course, any product that relies on an evergreen plant resin, such as cedar or eucalyptus or pine, is 1) good till the smell is gone (though the smell will be potent for a microorganism longer than for a human) and 2) will coat the lungs cumulatively. When spraying an evergreen cedar product as a knockdown, you would need a respirator.

The Lime Away is not the most healthy of products for humans either, that is why I specified the tiny amount that I use, which is what is the heavyweight in my mop mixture, that is, what makes it work for more than a week. Be careful not to use more, and ideally, turn on your bathroom or kitchen vent fan when you finish (not before as that would suck the chemical right into your lungs since you will be between the fan and the chemical).

Sigh. This stuff is complicated, isn’t it? But we will prevail!

What and Whom Have I Infected?

April 07, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

Jan, a fellow sufferer, has asked me some good questions whose answers I thought I should share. Before I tell you what she asked or give you my answers, I will put them into perspective:


This started for me when I was carrying a gobbler out of the woods over my shoulder. I should have waited until his carcass cooled. I picked up some kind of a mite from him, but thought my house was infested with fleas. At the same time, two other things occurred: mosquitoes began homing in on me and leaving others alone, and I developed horrible restless legs syndrome. When I bombed the house, I would be okay for a few days, then had to bomb again. This reinforced my belief that the problem was the house.


Before moving from there, my ex-husband refinished the wood flooring and replaced the built-in carpet. We painted and cleaned and left what I believe was an immaculate house. The buyers still live there and for five years knew where to find us, and never contacted us. For this reason, I believe they are ok. (I know if it had been me, and I had believed I caught something from the house, I would have contacted the sellers.)


In 1998 or 1999, I forget which now, my shop moved to a different location with carpet, and an intern came to train with me for a month. She spoke of having to do extraordinary things to prepare for body for sleep. She said she had to put vaseline on her eyelashes. She left me with Morgellons.


I really didn’t have a problem with my car until the Morgellons. I did not think of them as pinprick bites. I thought of them as ICE pick bites. When I fled work at the end of each day of misery and tears and definitely reduced productivity, I would take off my shoes and see that my feet were covered with black dots. If I touched my feet, whatever it was would get on my hands and start biting them too.


Thank you so much for sharing about how you stay social and safe. Do you never go to people’s homes? Did you infect someone who is now sick? Have you infected anyone who simply has some symptoms, but is not sick? I think sharing a car with someone may be particularly dangeorus. What do you think? Also, do you know of any sites you have infected?

I will take these one at the time. Also, I realize that since I live only with my husband and have no children or grandchildren around, it is much easier to make my claim of not infecting anyone. I absolutely believe that a lot of close contact makes transmission inevitable. My heart goes out to those who do have families and whose families have become infected.

Do You NEVER Go to People’s Homes?

Never if I can help it. And no matter what, absolutely not if I am having a crawly day. The body lotion and clothing spray recipes I developed over time years ago, and “combing” every single night year in and year out make most of my days uncrawly and, as far as I can tell, shed free. If I must go to someone’s home, I say that something in their house is making my throat close up, and that, gosh, I must be allergic to something in their home. I make a hasty departure and leave them apologizing. They do not usually ask me back, and if they do, I remind them about my allergies.

Have you infected someone who has some symptoms but who does not
otherwise seem sick?

Did you infect someone who is now sick?

In answer to the first question, yes; my husband. They get on him when he is (very) close to me but die within a day or two.

In answer to the second question, yes; my mother. She caught it when I had to care for her in her last year with lung cancer.

I have avoided infecting others by avoiding personal contact and shared surfaces, and I avoid leaning over them. Sometimes people just grab us and shake our hand, or give us a hug or kiss. If I see them coming, I can hold up a hand and say, “Hold it! I’ve got to ask you something.” If that doesn’t look like it is going to work, or if they just grab my hand or hug me, I smile and say in a low voice like I’m telling a secret, “Do you have some ZICAM?” If they don’t know what it is, I say, “You know, that stuff for colds.” If they don’t know that Zicam is to prevent a cold when we think we are coming down with something, they will assume I am already sick. If they do know what it is, they will still stay away. It works. If I am where a lot of people are likely to do the same thing, I wait for a break in conversation and then say, “Say, does anyone happen to have any Zicam on them?” I watch them scurry. My host can’t wait for me to go.

NO one at my workplace has ever gotten sick from this. Early on, when I thought this was environmental, I disclosed about the bites to get my workplace sprayed or when that failed to get permission for me to spray. No go. My solution was to buy a large custom antistatic mat (cost a fortune) and to keep it cleaned with the only thing I am allowed to use, the disinfectant wipes they issue us. It is my little island in a sea of commercial carpet. Becoming the office maid and vacuuming my area daily and the whole office (six workspaces) weekly helped – a lot. Later, once I learned the problem was systemic and not just environmental, I again asked to spray, because I wanted to do everything I could to ensure I didn’t infect others. Again they turned me down. The antistatic mat, which I have taken with me through two moves, is the best investment I have made for my work environment. I just roll under my chair daily with a lint roller and then use my disinfectant wipes. I clean my keyboard with a couple of paintbrushes, removing debris straight onto my lint roller, and then use sharp-edges like business cards to clean out the crevices in my mouse. I rejected the optical wireless mouse they offered me because it had too many places that would be difficult to clean. I just said the old corded one was more comfortable to use.

Is sharing a car with someone particularly dangerous?

It probably would be with a bench seat and a regular companion. Remember above I said I avoid sitting on the same surface, especially if it is upholstered. Having a console in the middle kind of keeps things concentrated on my side of the car, plus people very seldom ride with me, and I do whatever I can to keep it that way. I use my environmental spray on my car every six months and occasionally toss a couple of menthol crystals under my seat. I vacuum my car every week or two. I seldom have a problem in my car and when I do, it is usually because I missed my six month spraying, because about the eighth month is when I start seeing problems if I miss my six month spraying, both in my car and in my home.

Do you know of any sites (places) you have infected?

Years after I picked up whatever I got that made me think I had fleas, I shared a chair, keyboard, and computer with an intern I was training. She left me with Morgellons. We soon moved to a new workspace, and the office I left behind was renovated and the rooms converted into our IT shop. So I got lucky and no one got it from that spot. It was in my new workspace that I began to experience the needle prick bites that felt more like ice picks. That was when I first begged my employer to spray and they not only refused to spray, they also prohibited me from spraying. It was also about then that I realized the problem was systemic (in my body). That was when I started vacuuming my area daily and our whole office weekly. No one else caught it. We stayed there for several years then were moved to semi-permanent buildings to work while the building was gutted and completely renovated. We are now in the new building and I still have my antistatic mat. Thanks to computers, I have been able to eliminate about twelve boxes of research materials and I am able to keep my area clean clean clean. I rarely leave my workspace but when I do it is only to cross a carpeted area that is vacuumed weekly. The carpets are new and have an antimicrobial feature (lucky).

For many of you, what has worked for me is moot for you because your symptoms are more obvious or more intense. The reason that these things work for me is that I got lucky and figured out a combination to use to spray my home, another to spray my clothes, and a lotion that blocks movement on my body, and they make it possible for me to live in a way that at least normal to others.  I pray you also find something to make this journey less horrid.

Jan, my new friend, I hope this answers your questions, and thank you for asking them.

Lindag’s Protocol

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Bottom line up front

Internal: Clarithromycin, Doxycycline, Rifampin, Ciprofloxacin, Nattokinase, Interfase, Itraconazole*


Lindag reports that her LLMD has reshaped her treatment plan as follows. As always, remember, this is NOT medical advice. Do not try to construct and implement your own medical plan. It is vital for your LIFE that you involve a knowledgeable medical doctor. These are drugs and many have dangerous potential side effects. Remember: you must decide to outlive the bastards.

In addition to seeking medical advice before taking any of these medications, I also suggest that if you have not already identified several support groups online, that you do so now. You do not have to participate in them all. However, if you join them you will receive their emails.

As for the groups, many states have Lyme Yahoo groups and there are several whose scopes are not limited by state of residence. Join all of them you can and figure out what each specializes in. The best way to do this is to read the documentation they provide when you join. If they provide none, then read the group’s home page message and recent posts, and look to see if the groups have files and links posted. If you want the most benefit from each group, doing a little homework before jumping in goes a long way toward opening that door.

  • Mycoplasma – Clarithromycin
  • Bartonella – Doxy & Rifampin start again, add in Cipro
  • Biofilm – Nattokinase and Interfase


  • Itraconazole
  • Formerly on Diflucan–didn’t seem to do much, but it is supposed to attack Lyme.
  • She said to stop Bicillin for now.
  • Just finished 10 days of Metronidazole (Flagyl).
  • If things don’t improve she will add Ivermectin (I’ve been on before) for FL1953.

* Here is a little info on each of these. For more info, click the name.

Doxycycline Rifampin Ciprofloxacin Nattokinase Interfase
A macrolide antibiotic used to treat mycoplasma; pneumonia; bronchitis; ear, sinus, skin, and throat infections; Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC), and, with other meds,
H. Pylori.
A tetracycline antibiotic used to treat pneumonia and other respiratory tract infections; Lyme; acne and other skin infections; infections of the genital, skin, and urinary systems; and anthrax (inhalation exposure). An antimycobacterial antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis (with other meds); Neisseria meningitidis infections in nose or throat prior to the exhibition of symptoms and to prevent infection of others. A fluoroquinolones antibiotic used to treat or prevent anthrax (possible bioweapon); urinary tract infections; A serine proteinase from Bacillus subtilis, used to treat cardiovascular diseases and other diseases, including those where it is useful to reduce blood clotting. A specialized enzyme that disrupts the biofilm matrix embedding potential gastrointestinal pathogens.
Itraconazole Diflucan (Fluconazole)
Bicillin Metronidazole (Flagyl) Ivermectin
A triazole antifungal used to treat infections that start in the lungs and can spread through the body, as well as nail fungus; oral yeast; and fever-causing fungal infections. A triazole antifungal used to treat infections that start in the lungs and can spread through the body, as well as to treat or prevent yeast infections and to treat meningitis. A bactericidal antibiotic from the penicillin class with prolonged action, used for infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by microorganisms susceptible to the drug: syphilis, yaws, spotted disease, rheumatism, scarlet fever, wound infections, etc.  A nitroimidazole antibiotic used to eliminates bacteria and other microorganisms that cause infections of the reproductive system, gastrointestinal tract, skin, vagina  [to be added]

Latest F-Zyme Formula – Ingredients List

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Enzpire Capsules

These are working great for me when I can stand to take two daily. Have to alternate with days when I only take one as a side effect is diarrhea! I am glad I opted to follow a friend of mine and experiment with taking the enzymes orally. Now I no longer have to fill my own capsules, plus Gordon has developed a specific formula for them, and here it is:


  • Cellulase
  • Protease
  • Amylase
  • Serrapeptidasem
  • Disodium salt

Enzpire Spray Powder

The Enzpire loose powder has the same ingredients except instead of Disodium Salt, it substitutes Sodium Carbonate.


Powders have their own chemical properties that make them anything from relatively harmless to deadly, however, even powders with neutral or beneficial properties should not be inhaled, as the small crystalline (sharp edged) particles are not good for lung tissue and can cause breathing problems.

Gordon’s Website

Enzyme Recipe

July 12, 2012 By: kajay Category: - Peppermint Enzyme Recipe, Best Practices

One poster had [critters] in her lungs terribly. She breathed peppermint enzyme cleaner through a rubber hose and breathed thru the tube with a little enzyme cleaner in it, she did it for about 10 mins daily and it stopped the bug and she could breathe fine in 2-3 days she said ..
When a friend of mine drank some by mistake, he called poison control. “That’s ok,” they said, “It’s only soap, peppermint, and protease enzyme–meat tenderizer.” He was relieved, and did not get sick.


1. dish soap
2. water
3. peppermint
4. protease meat tenderizer enzyme
That’s it. The longer it sits, the more potent it gets. If you are in a hurry, you can buy it at It is expensive, but wonderful. A gallon (over $100) goes a long way.

The Morgellons-Lyme Connection

July 08, 2012 By: kajay Category: Diagnoses, Lyme

The link below is to an excellent article from Marc Neumann’s website, about not only the Morgellons-Lyme connection, but also a treatment path. It is worth checking out. What I like about this site specifically is that it suggests–

  • DON’T USE THE “M” WORD! Focus instead on possible contraction of Lyme from a tick bite.
  • Do treat both the spiral and cystic forms of Borrelia (Lyme) at the same time.
  • Do treat co-infections from protozoans, fungi and viruses (examples: Bartonella, Babesia).