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F-7 (Enzpire by Gordon)

October 21, 2011 By: kajay Category: F-Zymes, Morgellons


I really feel like I have turned the corner in the fight against Morgellons with (F-7) Enzpire by Gordon. The formula is so well focused on the Morgellons structures that they leave the body in droves, both internally and externally. What this means to me is that Morgellons can now be treated more rapidly, and the speed with which it works will be revealed in the feedback I get from users in the months coming.

When I examine the chemical reaction that takes place under the microscope, it is taking place in minutes, not hours. Remember that the definition of an enzyme is to cause a chemical reaction of one substance when coming into contact with another substance. The result is that the first substance is turned into a harmless group of gasses, water, and minor trace elements. The Morgellons structures lose their power. The King has no clothes! This is the biggest discovery I have made so far. Yet, I continue on to find the ultimate cure for mankind :-)
Even though I’m pretty pleased with Enzpire, I will not give up. We are definitely on our way! Thank from the bottom of my heart for your ongoing support.

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  1. katrina wikstrom says:

    I would like very much to purchase this product leaase tell me how ?

    Thank you Gorden for your work, and Bless you !
    My meeting with these monsters was on a dark and rainy night !

    Very true, but it was warm and had rained here on our farm for 3 days.The clay soil could not absorb any more.There was a ditch, and a hill next to our fasrm, which was next to a recently plowed/disksed preparing for planting of a very well known sead and bug killer.Soybeans are not good for any animal except apparently to a parasirtic nemotode, which is distroying many of the fields,Well, I knew these were genomes ,tinkered with by “Scientists” containing nemotodes, a fly who could deliver a type of strep that sickens the soy bud attackers, and black mold.Some kind of thread, and string, other handy things.I was in bad shape having broken 4 areas of my back, and broken disks so was so impaired, that I watched a rope of these monsters come in through a hole between the ceiling and wall which had been a spider door to our hous, or the hornet entrance,My husband caulked it up, chopped off the rope of twisted black hair, and then forgot it ever happened, and didn’t support me at all.He helped with the nursing of my back problem, and when I got a new bed, the black hairs actually “followed” me into the bedroom.I took a pic of thatThe woodwork is cream, and they show up really well.The hang out in the ceiling and walls, and keep appearing, along with orange, yellow and a dirty iregular egg.The nurses that came in (I was gettign better)I have a primary immmune disorder, suddenly brought in another team member, a Psychiatric N.P>, that is one of the things I am, along with a womens health care N.P>, and an amature biologist, but not a chemist..She pronouced me as having a depressive disorder with delutions. I held up a large egg, and I have many jars, and she didn’t even look, saying,”I don’t see anything”.Then, I WAS depressed , and have been the last 3 weeks.Since I have been able to sit in my computer chair again I have found many different things.I would love to by the B7 from you.Please tell me how I do this.

    • There is a link in the header (the bright green Restore link). Even though the product link says you are buying F-6, Gordon is now shipping F-7 in place of F-6 though the lable will still be the F-6 label till the new labels come in.

  2. how can I get Enzpire?


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