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November 06, 2011 By: kajay Category: F-Zymes, Morgellons

This blog is about many things. In order of priority, it is about–

Staying Alive – We know it isn’t easy to cope with this disease on a day to day basis, but many have gotten through it. What has worked for one might not work for another, but if you keep searching, we believe you will find something that works for you. Be sure and check the Links page for additional online resources.

Getting Well – That’s what we are here for, isn’t it? Many have gotten well using various protocols. This website cannot discuss them all. However, if you check the Links page, you will find categorized links not only for many useful products, but also for various other online resources.

Getting a Life – We had lives before the disease and we will have lives after. Those willing and able to gut it out can have a life even while still battling the disease.

Protecting Others – That includes the believers and nonbelievers in our lives, even when they do everything they can to catch it in order to prove we don’t have it!

Coping with Environmental Issues – This includes, among other things, treating porous surfaces in the home.

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