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November 26, 2011 By: kajay Category: F-Zymes, Morgellons

Recently, I have been taking F-7, Interfase Plus, and probiotic digestive enzyme tablets from Walmart together with Gordon’s with interesting results. The first day, and this I already reported at the Yahoo group Birdmitesorg, I had stuff coming out of my body all over that looked like feta cheese. It clogged the fibers on the inside of friction points like waistband, collar, etc. I backed off during the week then stepped returned to combining enzymes again this past weekend, but not as much as the first time.

This time I kept it up during the week. The first day tiny black things came out of my skin here and there, including my scalp. Some of them managed to encapsulate at the surface but I was able to pretty much flick them off.

Also, my feet, in the areas of my big toes and the inside edge of my feet near my toes, itched horribly. I kept having to wash them and put my pink oil mixture on them – challenging in an office environment or in public, but I had no choice. It was maddening. And the part of my sock over the part that itched, on both feet, filled with dozens of dead black critters, or near dead.

Today I just have a lot of regular old morg critters coming out. You know, gray lint with squiggly black legs and a smear of my blood here and there.

In addition to the enzymes, I am taking something, whatever I have at the time, to arrest biting: oregano oil this week, olive leaf the week before, neem leaf before that. They all help.

I am also making sure I get plenty of B vitamins, D-3, and, because my allergies came back this year with a vengeance after a 10-year break (thanks to all the evening primrose oil I took when I was in menopause, which also curbed my allergies), I am back taking 3900 mg of NOW Super Primrose Oil daily (cleans off the cell walls) as well as Omega 3 and Red Yeast Rice, which together with the Niacin in my B complex are really helping with my cholesterol. Because my cholesterol numbers began dropping more quickly after I began taking the F-zymes in capsules this summer, I’m thinking that might indicate a connection, too, though there is of course too little data to say so for sure.

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