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Slamming ‘Zymes Part 1

December 20, 2011 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, F-Zymes, Herx, Morgellons

Gordon’s F-Zymes are getting more potent with each formula, and he has changed things up a bit by adding chitinase to F-8. The first night when I went to bed the strongest concentration was on my head. I think I reported in another post that it had me speeding all night–it was the strangest thing. I know there are NO stimulants in F-8. It wasn’t that. It was ACTIVITY – in my scalp, inside my head. Talk about freaked out. But I am still here. That only happened for a couple of nights. It doesn’t happen anymore. My scalp is not completely clear, but I feel like in those two nights things came out that I have not been able to reach before.

I got a handle on how much to use and the protocol that strikes a balance between doing nothing and off the chart unmanageable, and for me that consists of taking 3 to 5 double zero caps a night and, after showering with Dawn, drizzling F-8, borax, and a pinch of epsom salts. Last night I added bentonite clay to the drizzle and SEEM to be having fewer sheds today. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. After I air dry (brrrrr, you know that feeling, right?) I added Pink Oil, which still, after a decade, helps me sooo much. Then I fell onto my disposable sheets with a half 100mg Seroquel in me and woke to my Verizon rooster alarm at 5:30 am.

Then I got adventurous and thought, since I am from a family known to push limits, why not see what THIS will do. THIS refers to stacking other enzymes on top of the F-8. I had two formulas on hand…

Read Friday’s post to learn what combination of F-8 and commercially and readily available enzyme formulas produced a feta cheese like substance to ooze from my pores, especially on the back of my neck and shoulders…

Note: seems to be offering F-6, but Gordon will actually ship you the latest F-zyme formula he has on hand at the time he receives your order.

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