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Safely Social, Part 2

January 12, 2012 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Safely Social

How do I avoid transmitting this disease to others without giving up a social life? Obviously compromises are in order. Here are the ones I have made, and they seem to be working for me because I have been sick with this disease for a while with no known transmission to others. Yesterday’s article covered “Social Life.” Today we will cover family, handshakes, huggs, and towels.


My husband gets infected from me but has gout and we think the uric acid kills them. So we sleep in separate rooms. I don’t miss his loud alarm clock anyway, and I stay up later, so this way we are not disturbing each other. When we get together, it is like a honeymoon (though the critters limit that too, but we are quite creative!)


I do not shake hands unless I have just sterilized AND SCRUBBED my hands. Usually I know ahead of time when that kind of thing is likely to occur and can run down the hall to the ladies room to prepare.

Hugged without Warning

When someone just plain pulls me over for a hug, I make sure I only meet their cheek with my cheek – no hair contact. If I can avoid the hug/kiss, I do. I will use any means. Usually, distraction works best. I pull back (if I have even a second to think) and say “Oh, I wanted to get your advice about something.” It doesn’t matter now lame what you say is. What people focus on is that you asked for their advice. Start with their name – that’ll stop most folks in their tracks. Then, ask them anything: “What do you think about ____?”  Because we are all subject to unexpected contact, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of lice combing daily (even though I have morg, not lice); thoroughly scrubbing every inch of skin, especially head, ears, and hands, daily (at least); and remaining aware at all times that it is MY responsibility to prevent transmission. No one else’s. No, I did not ask for this disease, but I have the advantage, and burden, of knowing that I have it. Others are innocent. They did not give this to me. Taking every precaution is the right thing to do. If nothing else, I remind myself that if I get rid of this, I could get it back from someone I gave it to. I want to keep up my no transmit record.


I put a roll of paper towels in my mom’s house so I never have to use her towels. I put paper on the seat and also use a disinfectant cloth on the toilet seat when I am done.

Check back tomorrow for more on protecting others through simple preventive measures.

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