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A Dose of Gratitude

March 08, 2012 By: kajay Category: Tips

Early on I gave up on expecting anything from a broke, corrupt, inept, slow-moving, heartless, and extremely _stupid_ bureaucracy. (The cream does not rise to the top, I don’t think.)

No, my dears, we have each other — and frankly, except for a few little things like paying for all the research out of our pockets without a dime of insurance for anything overtly about parasites — that’s not too bad. The each other part, I mean.

Holy moses, look how much we have learned together. We have been unfettered by regulation, limited only by our imaginations and budgets. Oh yeah, it has been crippling insofar as the financial costs, I’d love to have had that part be different, but no government could have tackled a disease with such a large, confusingly complex list of symptoms and all of the information that we have. We have done already what would have taken a government decades longer.

I thank G*d we have this group. Can you imagine if we did not? I can. Been there. Sad you’ve got this too, but since you do, so glad we are fighting it together.


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