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Diagnostic Procedure for Lyme

April 25, 2012 By: kajay Category: Diagnoses

The Lyme literate MD (LLMD) I visited for the first time this week used clinical methods to diagnose me with Lyme and to rule out Babesiosis. He ordered lab tests to identify or rule out other causes of some of my symptoms.

I could see him checking off things in his mind:


√  Check, Night Sweats – could be Lyme (but not necessarily).

√  Check, Restless Legs Syndrome – could be Lyme.

√  Check, Pruritis (“cutaneous involvement” aka rash, crawling, biting).

√  Checkmate: Twelfth Nerve Palsy.


I looked up Twelfth Nerve Palsy. Based on what I found, the average person looking it up would consider it alone, without considering the other three symptoms. The easy diagnosis would be to assume that I had had a stroke or that I have cancer. My doctor considered them along with the other symptoms, and they told him something quite different, and quite definite. The doctor seemed a little surprised and very pleased to find the palsy, and immediately stopped examining me and diagnosed Lyme.

Then he conducted two in-office wet swab tests (nostril and scalp) and ruled out yeast, which had been one of the possible causes of my night sweats. He ordered staph, tuberculosis, mycoplasma, and Western Blot Serum tests, which I immediately went and had done at the local LabCorp. He also instructed me to obtain a chest x-ray. The test results will fill in some more blanks in his diagnosis. After 30 days, I am to check in. I return for a second appointment 60 days from now.

The doctor prescribed Minocycline 1 mg to treat the Lyme, and said it will also help with some co-infections.

I asked him if he has ever taught other doctors how to diagnose and treat Lyme. He said he has tried. He did not elaborate.

What kind of diagnostic tool do doctors currently use (plug in symptoms, out pops a diagnosis)? If so, and I am assuming there is, then would it be possible and/or better to design a Lyme plugin for an existing tool? Or would a standalone tool be the only or best option?

If this idea interests you or if you can answer these questions, please contact me at

Thank you, and have a nice day.

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