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Wanda’s One-Two Punch: ASYRA + RIFE

May 10, 2012 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Rife, Tools, Wanda

Wanda is a member of a Yahoo group that focuses on sharing information about electronic methods of treating Lyme Disease. Wanda gave me permission to share her letter and her first name. Thank you, Wanda, for this great post.

Before I go farther, I want to make the usual disclaimer that nothing here is intended as, nor should be construed as, medical advice. This is just a personal testimonial, with technical details and resources. I have thrown in a few definitions and links.

The ASYRA and Rife technologies and their use are considered by some to be quackery. Each person who reads this must decide for themselves if that is true or not, and what course to pursue. Wanda wrote this post for a group whose focus is the use of Rife technology, so she did not have to say that. Where I thought you might be confused by its omission, I have added that information.

ASYRA is defined at as ‘computerized metaphysical health dowsing’ or a form of computerized electro dermal screening, or CEDS

You can learn more about ASYRA at I like this site because it is not shy about sending you to other sites to compare information, and because it praises the attackers of this technology for keeping practitioners honest.

Wanda’s post:

“The ASYRA is a bioenergetic machine for testing that gives a printout of all the ‘fingerprints’ (frequencies) of what is in your body that doesn’t belong there.  Knowing the culprits’  specific frequencies, you can backtrack to ‘name’ them, and make personalized Custom Channels for treatment (with a RIFE machine).  I had 192 frequencies in September 2011 (as identified by an ASYRA test).  (After focused treatment with a home Rife machine) I am down to 114 frequencies now (May 2012)(according to ASYRA test).
“As of February 2012, an ASYRA test revealed that I still had the following frequencies, among many others–
  • 7 strains of Bartonella
  • 5 strains of Babesia
  • 4 strains of Borrellia
  • 1 strain of Rickettsia
  • Epstein Barr
  • Erlichiosis
“[The ASYRA machine] is so sensitive that it even picked up the swelling in my gum where a popcorn kernel had been lodged, and the soreness in my thumb’s connective tissue because my thumb had been bent back too far. The test results were _very_ detailed.
“However, the ability to know the exact strains still present in the body is the main benefit of having an ASYRA test done. I remember hearing of another machine that started with a “C” that does this also.
[Kajay’s note: When I read this, I looked it up; I think Wanda is talking about CEDS. I added more information about this near the top of this post.]
“ASYRA is generally found at a naturopath or chiropractor…I googled Asyra and my city name in order to find one [a practitioner] near me. The initial scan took four minutes and cost $75. The results were 22 pages.  Within the ASYRA machine is a Rife Frequency Setting that will also scan, giving the frequencies each of the 22 pages of stuff.  Then, you periodically rescan to see what you have eliminated, and progress gets faster as there is more and
more killed off.  A re-scan costs me $45 and I’m doing one every 6 to 8 weeks.
“The ticks carry so much more than just the Lyme, and with Rife, the progress is slow, but verifiable on paper to match the feelings and improving energies.  This is a great check-and-balance so that you don’t miss anything else you need to also be focusing on, too.
“The combination of the two machines I hope will be my answer.  It’s going quite well, and I’m hoping for ‘cure’ at the end.
“Hope this helps.  A year from now I’ll know even more to tell you!”

Thanks, Wanda, and thanks for letting me share this great report!


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  1. I was just told by a chiropractor/naturpath that the asyra has the same frequencies as the rife machine. Is this true?


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