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Colloidal Silver and Sinusitis

May 27, 2012 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Colloidal Silver

One poster today reported replacing saline solution in nasal spray bottle with colloidal silver.

Hey. Could be worth a shot.

Note: One respondent reported this irritates her sinuses, so this isn’t for everyone.

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  1. A better “solution” for sinuses is: 1 part organic aloe vera juice to 1 part colloidal silver (only buy the silver with the lowest PPMs – such as “Sovereign Silver/10 PPMs” OR “SilverKare/30 PPMs”). Then, add 3 to 7 drops of organic grapefruit seed extract (for natural preservative); about 1 drop per 2 ounces.

    Put solution in dark glass bottle. Keep refrigerated if possible OR use a small glass container for use if you need to take it with you. Use a glass dropper if possible to inhale 3 to 10 drops each nostril. If you have problems with the glass dropper – use boiling water and small amount of (3%) hydrogen peroxide; clean and disinfect a used conventional nasal inhaler and fill with solution. Also, rinse out dropper or inhaler end of nasal spray bottle in between each nostril and after using with very hot distilled/purified water.

    The further you can sniff the solution up into the nostrils (not just letting it go back down your throat), the better it will break up the irritants in your upper sinuses (behind eyes, etc).
    This formula is VERY effective so be prepared to have a lot of sudden drainage and spit that out for the next few minutes but you should feel an almost immediate release of pressure and pain!
    [Note: Just try a few drops the first time to make sure none of the ingredients irritate you. You may feel a slight burn up in your sinuses temporarily, but this is normal as it is flushing out the bad stuff].


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