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Venus Flytrap Does WHAT?

May 28, 2012 By: kajay Category: Cures?, Lyme

Can Venus Flytrap Cure Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases?

Note: The following is excerpted from an article posted in a Lyme group:

“What if I told you that a plant that captivated your interest as a child is a world-class healer?
And what if I told you this plant could heal cancer, chronic fatigue, Lyme disease,
and a multitude of other illnesses?

“I know, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But not in this case!
I’ve used this product for many years and I’ve seen firsthand how it works.
Dr. Dan Kenner of California also has personal and observational experience
of its power and he says it “staggers the imagination.”

We wanted to know more about this, and so searched for the name given to the Venus Flytrap in the full article, “carnivora,” plus two names that appeared in the article, including “kenner.” One that is pretty good is here: The author of the article recommends “You can get Carnivora directly from the company, Carnivora Research, Inc., 866-836-8735, or visit on the Internet.” Is he selling it? Possibly. Still, this product sounds worthy of investigation.

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