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Mom Hopeful Rife will Help Son Beat Lyme

May 30, 2012 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Rife, Supplements

One mother of a very sick son writes–

“I just purchased the DP100 Rife Machine, and it will arrive in about 2 weeks. My name is Mimi and my son, Mark (13) has

  • Lyme
  • Major gut dysfunctionality with every malabsorption, overgrowth, intolerance, and sensitivity problem that exists
  • Dead bone lesions in his ankles
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Horrible acne that started when we started killing Lyme

He’s been sick for years, but he is getting better. For some time he couldn’t tolerate even vitamins and minerals without a reaction. It took a year to slowly build up nutrients, but now he can tolerate many. What we’ve been doing is…

  • Ozone generator & sauna – not using – Mark became sensitized to the ozone soon after he started using the sauna, so this expensive equipment is just sitting in the corner for now.
  • Salt/C – worked up to 7 grams each per day. Mark herxed a lot at first but stopped herxing after last few increases and wasn’t seeing improvement, so reduced to a maintanence dose (3g/day)
  • HPU/KPU Protocol – I added vitamin D to this but this was AMAZING – his immune system completely woke up. When Mark was younger, he never got sick. But as the Lyme caused his body to start failing in every way, it started shutting down his immune system. Just as Klinghardt said might happen (from what I’ve read), after 3 weeks on the KPU, Mark had his first fever in about 7 years (103 degrees) and he was bedridden for about a month healing/herxing.
  • MesoSilver – 2 Tablespoons 4X per day but currently increasing to 4Tablespoons 4X per day – he is mildly herxing and GOOD NEWS – silver is greatly helping against bad bugs in gut so he can tolerate more carbs now.
  • Detoxeswe are continuing, among others:
    • Fulvic/Humic
    • DE
    • Clay
    • Sauna
    • Epsom Salt Baths
    • MicroSilica
    • ACZ Spray
    • Charcoal

We hope the DP100 will help cure Mark. I read how one advocate reduced her symptoms by using the DP100 every other day.

Obviously, Mark takes a lot of supplements. Hopefully he can continue those. Also we need to figure out when to take his detox supplements relative to the times to rife. Mark’s body cannot tolerate any herbs, but thankfully we seem to have plenty of detox options.

Mark also has EMF sensitivity, which actually seems to be bacterial aggrevation to EMF’s. Very concerned that will think he’s having a herx from rifing when pain could be his body having a different bad reaction, like an allergy to the EMF’s. I have read that others with EMF sensitivities have improved their ability to tolerate EMF’s as a result of rifing, and have got to get my boy better, so going for it.”

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