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The Morgellons-Lyme Connection

July 08, 2012 By: kajay Category: Diagnoses, Lyme

The link below is to an excellent article from Marc Neumann’s website, about not only the Morgellons-Lyme connection, but also a treatment path. It is worth checking out. What I like about this site specifically is that it suggests–

  • DON’T USE THE “M” WORD! Focus instead on possible contraction of Lyme from a tick bite.
  • Do treat both the spiral and cystic forms of Borrelia (Lyme) at the same time.
  • Do treat co-infections from protozoans, fungi and viruses (examples: Bartonella, Babesia).


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  1. Morgellons-Research.Org and the work there is not from Mary Laitao but only from Marc Neumann. And it`s on all pages clearly defined
    (Author Marc Neumann).
    Mary runs the
    Please correct, thanks…

  2. One of the worst aspects of caring for symptoms of Lyme and Morgellons is the time it takes to complete any of the home remedies talked about in forums. If you are like I am, once you figure out you have this problem you go overboard to do every home protocol at once and you end up spending the entire day disinfecting yourself, your laundry and your environment which is not only exhausting physically but demoralizing mentally. Then I found a wealth of information on Marc’s site www. and began using the DSP products on his little shop site (you must create a username) to treat his own condition. I was able to reduce the time spent on bathing and treating my skin. Bumps and sheddings decreased and the sheets looked more clean after waking up in the morning. The soap, gel, and cream are very easy to use and if you are a woman you are probably using a cream after you shower and shave your legs anyway, so this is a very efficient substitution that does not feel like a treatment or have a “medicinal” fragrance in any way. His gel is also effective used on the whole body and it applies and dries very quickly so you can dress almost immediately. DSP is reasonably priced but it is very definitely a treatment not a cure so you need to continue treatment (albeit at more infrequent interval) to maintain the results. Not everyone will perhaps have an identical result but I saw great improvement in less than 3 weeks for myself.


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