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January 02, 2012 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, F-Zymes, Morgellons

It is important to keep your hands and face scrubbed and to wash them as often as possible. Use of a heavy hand cream or lotion often reduces activity.

Keyboards can be cleaned various ways. The most effective is to vacuum them with the dusting attachment of a vacuum cleaner. You can run your vac’s accessories in the dishwasher (I wouldn’t run them with the dishes :-)

You can also run a disinfectant wipe between the keys with a steak knife, or you can cut up a lint roller sheet and use the pieces to clean between the keys.

However, the best way to avoid contaminating and becoming contaminated from a keyboard is to wear disposable vinyl gloves. Why vinyl? Because latex gloves stretch, which makes typing difficult, and they fall apart quickly. Vinyl gloves are thus more economical (last longer) and sterile (broken gloves allow contaminant transfer).

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  1. I’ll offer a couple of alternatives to dealing with keyboards.

    First: both require menthol crystals and a coffee grinder. If you employ menthol, an excellent method is to grind it into powder. This increases the immediate pungency (be prepared for the house to reek during the grinding), makes it easy to use frugally, and in more places.

    Normal keyboards / work keyboards / mice.
    I powder down all my mice regularly. (I also replace my mouse at home frequently – $7 at Target makes that pretty easy.) At work I powder the keyboard, dusting the fine menthol between the keys. I’ve had zero problems with my keyboard this way.

    Personal laptop.
    After losing my $2000 computer to an infestation, I took radical measures with the eventual replacement.
    Start with a clean, dry, laptop. Use a strong disinfectant.
    First, I powder they keyboard and speakers with menthol. I clog the speakers with it.
    Using plastic food wrap (called Saran wrap in the US, cling film in the UK), I completely seal the laptop with the plastic wrap, tight, and secure all over with a strong packing tape.
    From there, I identify any exhaust ports which should not be blocked, and cut those out neatly with a razor blade. The power and USB ports plug in through the plastic wrap, leaving minimal exposure.
    The large exhaust fan is the largest issue for contamination.

    I store my laptop in a heavy canvas laptop bag, along with mouse and power cable. Both laptop and cable compartments are full of menthol and the exhaust fan end goes in first, pressed against the menthol (this also prevents USB ports from being clogged, which is no fun).
    I seal up the laptop bag and tie it up in a heavy plastic trash bag between uses.

    That’s it. Before every use I wipe down the keyboard and screen with disinfectant wipes. The only issue I have is with the mouse, but a good dusting of menthol will fix that.

    Hope this helps someone.


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