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From Carpet to Tile: Plusse and Minuses

April 21, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

After our washing machine flood, we had to replace everything up to baseboard level in half the house and all the carpet. Because of the critters and my long-term desire to see if hard flooring would simplify maintenance, we refinanced our house to pick up what the insurance would not pay toward tile floors. We have them now. Here is my report:

Lost: Carpet fibers as a weapon. My enviro spray soaked deep into carpet fibers, turning them into forests of razor blades (crystal-infused “trees”) that shredded larval forms of microorganisms and microorganisms unprotected by their exoskeletons after molting (everything with an exoskeleton eventually outgrows it and the only way to keep growing is to shed the old exoskeleton and grow a new one. Talk about nasty bites. These are the meanest of all). In addition, the boric acid in the carpet fibers dessicated (pulled moisture from) the critters as well as shorting out their electrical fields (boric acid is used to reduce and control nuclear fission]).

Gained: Though the damaged vertebrae in my back make mopping a challenge (it is the twisting under force that hurts), I find that I can apply my regular mop solution (2 oz Pine Sol and 6 drops of Lime Away to a gallon of water) and it deters activity for a week or more, depending on how active the critters are on my body.

Other notes: I still have to routinely clean surfaces. I store my clothes in a bin on top of a folding table. That puts the clothes higher than any but a full grown flea can jump (they can go 3 ft straight up) and out of reach of most critters. Though critters have no problem climbing up the legs of anything, almost all of them have a little problem climbing upside down to get over the lip of first a table and then a bin.

Trivia: Critters are the reason for facings in nice trousers, for molding ledges between the lower drawers and the underwear drawer in a dresser, and for the cutout in the wood in the base of a nice dresser or chest. Why the cutout? It gives critters a place to set up housekeeping–other than in the aforementioned underthings. Ever notice cheap furniture goes straight down to the floor? If yours does, you might want to just tack on a strip of any kind of wood or molding to create a ledge. Same with your bed. Mine is on casters and is a platform bed with a wide ledge on top of a narrower ledge. Naturally when I do my six month spraying, I spray under both right after I spray a repellent on myself, because the second place after my body that I don’t want the freaked out critters to run is my BED. Then I do the outlets and fixtures, then around the windows and doors, then my grid on the wall. (Details here.)

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