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Knockdowns for Enviro Spray

April 09, 2013 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Tips

The Pine Sol is a pretty darn good knockdown but like all resin based products, it lasts only until the smell lasts. And I do not use it every time, only when I am responding to a problem. Normally my choice is TweetMint.

Of course, any product that relies on an evergreen plant resin, such as cedar or eucalyptus or pine, is 1) good till the smell is gone (though the smell will be potent for a microorganism longer than for a human) and 2) will coat the lungs cumulatively. When spraying an evergreen cedar product as a knockdown, you would need a respirator.

The Lime Away is not the most healthy of products for humans either, that is why I specified the tiny amount that I use, which is what is the heavyweight in my mop mixture, that is, what makes it work for more than a week. Be careful not to use more, and ideally, turn on your bathroom or kitchen vent fan when you finish (not before as that would suck the chemical right into your lungs since you will be between the fan and the chemical).

Sigh. This stuff is complicated, isn’t it? But we will prevail!

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