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More on Farm Theory and Biofilm

April 09, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

I think that the first parasite that establishes in our body sets up the most advantageous environment it can for itself. Think of people who first move to a place. If they came without food supplies, they must live off the land: berries, nonpoisonous plants and fungi, and the like. Then they start cultivating livestock and crops. I think the critters do the same. I believe the bartonella and babesia are those livestock and crops, which may be why they are the co- to so many infections.

I came to this conclusion after 1) my external chitinase treatment (fresh, bio-active chitinase) brought thousands of tiny gelatinous squares to the surface of my skin and the grid patterned red dots disappeared from my body and 2) I immediately started getting lesions. I do not believe this sudden co-incidental change to be mere chance. I believe it signaled the elimination of biofilm from my body. Because the gelatinous squares emerged all at once and the red grid disappeared simultaneously – a grid whose spacing coincided with the size of the gelatinous squares, I think they must be related–the squares and the grid, that is. I think what happened is that there was a grid, made of chitin, under the surface of my skin, and that the attachment points were the hair follicles. I think this because every red dot was actually an inflamed spot at the base of hair follicles–those that formed a grid pattern. In other words, not all hair follicles were infected. Those that were, formed dots that, if lines were drawn between them, would look like a massive tic-tac-toe grid.

So the next question is, why a grid? And why would the grid squares coincide in size and shape with the gelatinous shapes that emerged from my body? If the chitinase dissolved something, it wasn’t the gelatinous squares, since they emerged in consistent size and shape, un-eroded. The red dots disappeared, but what were they?

Since they had been at the base of hair follicles, I suspect that the chitinase dissolved something made of chitin that was holding the squares between the follicles, like a cradle. The red dots, I believe, were the attachment points for a grid-type cradle designed to hold the gelatinous squares at a set distance below the surface of the skin. I cannot imagine WHY, unless oxygen is more available, or unless the biofilm was somehow able to access the nutrients in our blood without producing the lesions they were, I also believe, forced to create in order to eat after their longer term, less obvious (to their host) method was eliminated.

I think the gelatinous squares ARE the biofilm, and that it consists of bacteria that serve as food for the predominant parasite, and since I came up negative for babesia and bartonella in my lab tests, and since the red dots disappeared after the chitinase treatment, I think the biofilm IS the babesia and/or bartonella, and that they are co-habit a host with a primary infector simply because the primary infector installs–and farms–them to serve as food for the primary infector, whether that primary infector is lice, lyme, birdmites, or morg. And btw I think the morg came after the birdmites set up housekeeping (biofilm) in my body, and that they immediately kicked the birdmites out, or ate them. The morg have eliminated everything except the fungal beetles in my feet, which I am still battling.

Once the first parasite has set up a nice cushy constant feeding system such as I think the grid and the gelatinous squares provide, it is like the host becomes a food court for micro-organisms, with a sign out front that says “Come one, come all! Dine free on us!” And come they do.

Obviously this is only a theory, and even if parts of it are correct, it probably isn’t all correct. If anyone has supporting and/or contradictory facts, I would love to hear them. I am not open to other theories, however, only to proven scientific facts. Why? Because I have no way of proving my own theory, which I believe to be true, let alone someone else’s :-)

However, it will not hurt my feelings in the least to be presented with hard scientifically proven facts. I want to get to the bottom of this, and I realize my imagination is not enough.

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