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Doctor Doctor DOP

April 09, 2013 By: kajay Category: Tips

These days I not only tell anyone, I also play dumb, dumb, dumb–especially with doctors. I show them the visible signs and if I mention the crawling, I ask them what could cause that? That keeps me from satisfying the criteria that Nancy Hinkle would have everyone believe means that we are delusional. Here are some key things to avoid doing:
1) I never tell a doctor anymore is what I think it is.
2) I never take samples to the doctor–especially on scotch tape!!!
3) I never ever say I have seen them, and they look like lint!
I avoid giving the doctor these four keywords: self-diagnosis, samples, scotch tape, lint
Why? Here’s why.
Time after time others here report the same experience I had.
A) Doctor meets us and treats us like any other patient.
B) We describe symptoms, present samples
C) Doc leaves to look up symptom keywords (above) in database
D) They find Nancy Hinkle’s article entitled “Delusory Parasitosis”
E) A table of DP symptoms exactly matches those we just described
F) Doc returns with that closed look we all know and tells us we need to seek psychiatric help, or just says they can’t help us.

That’s the reason. It is not their fault, other than that they blindly believe an article that we know, at least in our thousands of cases, to be mostly untrue.

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