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Pet Treatment (work in progress)

April 10, 2013 By: kajay Category: Protocols

Lyme Sulfur dip weekly
Revolution biweekly now monthly

Please comment with what works for your pets (dogs, cats, birds, chickens, etc.)

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  1. Vivian T. says:

    My dear yellow nape (parrot), Bubba. She’s a she and the light of my life for all of her 9 years!
    Imagine my horror to find the same critters on the bottom of her house that I find in and on me. I also see that spotting these critters comes in stages. Bubba’s vet told me that people parasites may invade her, find her inhospitable and then leave.
    Yes, I am confused. Bubba eats like an Amazon, she has a healthy sheen to her feathers, her eyes are bright and she’s as active as she can be. However, I watch her like a hawk, pardon the pun, Bub.
    We can keep our pets areas squeaky clean, ditto for bowls, ditto for grates and perches. I have not come across a protocol for parrots, but when I do, I will share.
    Meanwhile, love your pets to pieces and watch them.


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