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BORATES – When and How I Use Them–or Not

April 16, 2013 By: kajay Category: Enviro Spray and Protocol


WHY USE? Boric acid kills THREE ways: it shreds soft tissue (larval stage for critters that have one, and critters who have just ‘molted,’ that is, that have just outgrown and shed their exoskeleton).

BRAND–I buy the cheapest boric acid [aka ‘orthoboric acid’] that I can find, which happened to be Eaton’s the last time I checked).

 ENVIRO SPRAY (for porous or soft surfaces)–Fill a gallon jug partly full of HOT water. No, boric acid will not dissolve in cold water. But it WILL dissolve in hot water. Add the amount of IGR specified for use in a gallon sprayer on the IGR instructions. Then add any detergent for a knockdown. My first choice is LimeAway. It is toxic, however I use a tiny amount, leave the house while the floor dries, and then come back.

SOFT SURFACES–If you use my enviro spray on carpet and all other porous or absorbent surfaces in the home (upholstery, curtains, walls painted with flat latex paint, stucco), it soaks in. I just sprayed all my newly painted walls and there is no evidence of the presence of a borate on the wall (they are light colors).



Warning: NEVER use DRY borates on hard floors! They make the surface slippery and dangerous.


Because borates do leave a white powder residue on dark surfaces and because dry powders in general make hard floors slippery, I recommend using NON-borates on dark surfaces and hard floors. There is no single product that will work for you or for everyone. Here are the main things I look for:
For example, I look for a non-toxic ingredient that impedes critter movement (ideally kills them but at least keeps them from jumping on me for a day or two), and that masks my scent. White vinegar will work for a few hours, and you can spray it full strength or diluted. Other options include, and this is not everything, of course–
  • an orange or lemon-fragranced cleaner such as Orange Plus; OR
  • an evergreen-scented product like Pine Sol, Lysol, or Cedarcide
Warning: Natural evergreen scent is carried into the lungs via resins that accumulate in the lungs and can eventually cause respiratory problems. This is the only reason why I have not bought a cedar bed, lol!

1 Comments to “BORATES – When and How I Use Them–or Not”

  1. Vivian Leese (Vivian T.) says:

    Greetings, Ms. Morjella,
    I wanted to share with you my experience with The Morg Parasites. I’ve never even read about anything like this.
    During the South’s recent snowfall, I was so bored that I began cleaning house. I’d just been informed of ‘Simple Green Cleaner’s’ pest killing properties. I was in my bathroom and decided that my oscillating fan needed cleaning. I was horrified as I saw the parasites CAKED on the blades, housing and motor! God, this blew on ME daily! I quickly bagged the fan up and placed it in the garbage.
    I then squirted some green enzyme cleaner onto my vent fan. Gross! Parasites rained down on the floor and included a chartreuse worm of the large variety. The ‘queen’, perhaps? Then, a large creature shaped like a comma and appeared to be made of white cotton. When I put this guy in the toilet, the water hissed! Really. The cover and all went into the garbage next.
    How long have these creatures inhabited my exhaust? Could be where I contracted Morgs. We’ve owned the house 8 years.


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