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Kajay’s Favorite Products

June 25, 2013 By: kajay Category: Body Lotion, Clothing Spray, Kajay's Best, Tips

When my nightmare began, I was in the peak of health: 5’4″ and 114 pounds and physically strong; a hunter and cross-country hiker; successful white-collar semi-professional; with low cholesterol, slightly low blood sugar, and amazing blood pressure.

My vector was my first gobbler. I worked hard for him, moving seven times in a swamp before finally outsmarting him. Unfortunately, because it was a long hunt and I needed to leave, I did not allow the carcass to cool for very long before I hoisted it up on my shoulder and carried it out of the woods. Normally I threw my hunting clothes in the washer as soon as I got home, then showered, but that day I sat down for a while before I changed. When I did shower, I checked for ticks thoroughly as always but found nothing.

For the record, I was on no medications. I did not (and do not) have AIDS. I had no chronic conditions except for hayfever and nearsightedness.

It was 1988. In May of this year, I realized that 25 years have passed since haste and a bad decision resulted in, well, if you have something like this going on in your life, I don’t have to spell out what it’s been like. Gradually I found products and protocols, and developed some recipes, that helped me in various ways. I have NO idea if any of these will help you. I am not a medical professional. I am not recommending, advising, or prescribing. I am reporting. If you choose to try anything on this website or in this article, it is your decision and your responsibility. Whatever you choose to do, whether it is here or elsewhere, I wish you relief from the symptoms that bother you and whatever scourge you suffer; I wish you a calm spirit; and I wish you the ability to live as full a life as possible even while you continue to fight to get your whole life back.

So, nuff said, these are the products that help me deal with the symptoms of my particular dermopathy. Note that the links are for your convenience. I am not affiliated with the manufacturers and sellers other than, in one case, an email acquaintance. No money changes hands. In fact, the search engine optimizer I use scolds me for providing you with so many outlinks.

Clothing spray: Stops most of my biting from sheds. I mix 1 tsp insect repellent and 6 oz Agrilabs spray in a quart sprayer, fill with water.

Body lotion: Stops movement for me and reduces biting. Prevents intimate intrusions! Uses the two previous ingredients plus this one:

  • Luster Pink Oil (I use the Original formula). This runs between $9 and $11 depending on where I get it. It is available at Walmart, in many beauty supply houses, and at

Enviro spray: This home-made mixture makes my home and car habitable. Turns carpet and walls into killing machines. See also my articles on Knockdowns… and Borates…

Vinyl gloves: reduces shedding on keyboard and aids in preventing transmission via my hands. I keep plenty on hand and change them often.

Kerchief at night: Keeps me from turning my face into contaminated pillowcase.

Flea comb: for me, nightly lice combing reduces shed/fallout bites, neck itches, scalp crawlies. I like a flea comb with a rubberized and ergonomically shaped handle. This gives me a lot more control and I can finish faster.

Disposable sheets: save my back, my time, and my sanity. According to my calculations of water, water heater, detergent, electricity, and time and physical energy, they also save me money.

Eyelid wipes: I scrub these on lids, blink, then scrub on eyebrows; with my eyes still closed, I rinse and blot eyes (with clean paper towel) at least three times, then I keep my eyes closed for about 30 seconds. I do one eye at the time.

Lint rollers: I prefer Evercare brand.

Baking soda

Arm & Hammer Laundry Detergent

Dawn Dish Detergent

White vinegar

Hydrogen Peroxide 

Tweet Mint: Early on, this was a crucial component in my survival. Since then, I have found other detergents that do more for me. However, a few drops of it in a quart spray bottle filled with water will NAIL a spider and drop a mosquito out of the air. Also makes an effective knockdown (scented detergent) in my Enviro Spray recipe.

Diatomaceous Earth. I give my dogs a tablespoon in their supper meal daily from Spring through Fall. It renders sterile the offspring of any fly or other insect that lands on their piles. I can walk out in my yard and nothing is flying around. I leave my yard and get swarmed.

Aveeno Skin Relief or Daily Moisturizing Lotion

1′ x 3′ Shower scrub cloth

Large hand brushes for scrubbing hands etc.

There’s more I’m just not thinking of right now, much more, but this is a start.


P.S. Jefferspet carries several brands of Ivermectin paste.

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  1. Hi Kayjay, i have just bought a bottle of the pink oil…..i have had terrible problems with contact derm….my question is would the pink oil alone be effective??? i have spot tried the pink oil and i did not have a reaction…i know i have used all stop products with the benzyl in them and had terrible reactions so i am leery of buying the hoof product which has this ingredient in it….would you get back to me about the pink oil when you have a minute thanks cheryl


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