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Linda’s Protocol

October 13, 2013 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Linda (Lindag), Members' Best Practices, Tips



1. Sprayed the house (walls, floors, surfaces of tables) many times with Windex and/or ammonia water
2. Disposed of a lot (most) of furniture to dump, including all rugs – 2 trailer loads to dump including new couches, new bed, dressers, almost everything
3. Removed carpeting downstairs (we are in a 2 level condo) and left floors for 1 year as bare concrete, meanwhile mopping, vacuuming, spraying all floors and walls while empty.
4. Had PCOs come spray inside of house on many occasions (a waste of $)
5. Put down DE at various times all over the floors, in bookcases
6. Mopped all floors upstairs on hardwood with ammonia water (ruined floors)
7. Used bug bombs in house on many occasions
8. Sprayed a pesticide around all cracks near baseboards (from Walmart) every 6 months.
9. Bought fogger and fogged with Cedarcide entire house + attic.
10. Purchased a Singer steam press and steam pressed all clothing for at least a year, blankets, sheets, everything and stored in plastic zip lock bags. Used plastic bag for purse.
11. Purchased and used a dehumidifier and ran that steadily for 6 months straight.
12. Constant cleaning and vacuuming (daily, upstairs and downstairs)
13. Changed sheets daily
14. Used a swiffer mop and mopped our air mattress with a combo spray of alcohol and white vinegar
15. Slept on air mattresses for a year or longer.
16. Moved out of our bedroom downstairs and bought bed frame (wood) from Ikea and put air mattress on that. Slept with sheets, and 1 blanket all year.
17. Removed all knick knacks, any clutter from entire house. I took to dump or put in large plastic bins to store.
18. Purchased cheap shoes and clothing and tossed frequently.
19. Kept all shoes outside after spraying with Windex
20. Had inside of computer cleaned out by Fry’s electronics; replaced keyboard on several occasions.
21. Purchased good microscope to look at debris from body.
22. Removed furnace and A/C which was original to house and installed new (mold throughout A/C system).
23. Repainted entire house inside (this summer)


There is probably more. We lived in constant prayer… stayed away from family and friends for a year. They were told what we were fighting. That was just for the external environment…




1. Got diagnosis of Lyme/Bartonella/Babesia, and Morgellons from LLMD and started treatment in 2009. Started treating all three diseases (not gone, of course).
2. Occasional bathing and soaking with essential oils
3. Attacking itching in scalp with combo oils of tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, and oregano oil after showering, leaving that in regardless of smell to others
4. Cut hair very short, boy cut
5. Used hair blower after showers and using hottest setting (I always do this)
6. Used various fungal shampoos… and tea tree oil shampoos on body and hair
7. Used scrubber cloths from Walmart to do a hard scrub all over body
8. Realized I needed to work on increasing my immune support to get body into a healthier place… a work in progress
9. Used Aquaphor on skin when itching was the worst and helps to get a healthy skin barrier back after all the external remedies
10. Used man products that were supposed to kill pathogens on skin
11. Came to realization that much of what I have had became internal so working from an internal point and not just on the outer…
12. Used Vicks for 1st year around nose, eyes, mouth to keep these things out of my orifaces.
13. Did colon cleanses for many months (they go into the rectum, penis, vagina)… recommended by Dr. Staninger to me
14. Working on my spirituality (this should not be listed last) and is ongoing.

These entities are not all gone, but the load is much much lower… I manage these various expressions of this disease process now. Strangely during the change of seasons things are very quiet and I have very few symptoms right now, although struggling with change of drugs for sleep, Lyme, Bartonella, and high blood pressure.

I see fewer fibers 5-1/2 years later, and fewer strange floating things in the house with cooler weather. I am of the opinion that some of these symptoms are due to Lyme/ Bartonella & Babesia as well as newly discovered Fry protozoa parasite FL1953 which is a great imitator of Bartonella symptoms. Also believe that chemtrail materials are affecting all of us, including all living matter on the planet… (Carnicom).

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  1. Update as of 4/12/17

    Many years since doing the “protocol.” On occasion I still have to go back to the basics, but overall most of my symptoms have subsided. I don’t get the biting sensations and very few crawling sensations. Occasionally I get a sensation on my feet or head, but it is rare these days. If I do, I spray my bed with diluted Kleen Green or ammonia water. I have used various shampoos to deal with movement in my hair including the following: Kleen Green, Clearlice Shampoo, Argan Scalp 18 Medicated Coal Tar Shampoo (for dandruff and dry scalp), and the best yet Debriding Soap. The Debriding Soap is expensive, but really helps. I don’t kid myself that the Morgellons is now gone, but it is definitely better than it ever has been.

    I’m not actively treating the Lyme Disease. I change my sheets weekly. I really don’t do much any more to keep the little beasts away from me. I’m most interested in building up my immunity as I’ve used many toxic products over the years to handle the Morgellons internally and externally. I do believe that whatever this is that it is bioengineered, and therefore really difficult to kill off. But it can be done!


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