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My F-5 Benefits

February 09, 2012 By: kajay Category: F-Zymes

The first day I used F-5 was also the first day in months that I did not get a fresh lesion.

Usually, I got them at work, 1 to 2-inch long bloody lesions, where they immediately stained my suits and drew unwanted attention.

I have not had a lesion since that day. That to me was a stunning affirmation of the effectiveness of F-5 for my situation. What I do get are lots more tiny pinprick exit wounds, and I find the escapees when I feel them struggling (I like to think) on the inside of my clothing. Some bite me in (again I like to think) their death throes. They are coming out by the dozens, some days by the hundreds. The largest one was almost a 1/4″ long, and many are 1/16″ to 1/8″ long. They are all fibrous with some organic (lumpy gray or beige moist-looking) matter in them.

In addition, I can see dark spots under the skin – from dots to areas 1/2″ in diameter. Sometimes I can feel a nasty bite just below the surface of my skin before I can even see what is doing it. If I have it handy I spray a little F-5 solution on the area and dot a bit of  oil on the spot, and the pain stops. In areas of my body that harbor more moisture, I am sometimes able to “rub up” a bunch of grainy critters.

An unexpected benefit has emerged as well. I have suffered from chronic foot and toenail fungus since I was 10 years old and I use a product called, simply, Fungicide. I follow the instructions to the letter and have found that it controls the itching better than most of the things I have tried through the years. However, my feet still looked awful. I started using F-5 this past March (2011). It is now June. In three months, the skin on my feet has begun normalizing. The awful crustiness is nearly gone. Granted, I am still using the Fungicide. I tried using the F-5 only and the itching returned. So it is the combination that is working.

Had I known this would happen, I might have sucked up the guts to photograph my feet.

Or not.

Anyway, they aren’t completely healed yet, and the toenails, while better, are thicker and so are lagging behind the skin’s healing, but the picture above right shows my feet as they are this week. If this keeps up, I might make the beach (for the first time in many years) in August.

I’ll let you know.


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