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Sanity Checks

June 24, 2011 By: kajay Category: F-Zymes, Morgellons

It is important to be able to laugh no matter how tragic the situation. Sometimes the absurdity of my situation has inspired an hysterical reaction that kept me wanting to live to fight another day.  — M.



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  1. Thank you for the positive feedback, Jenna. I’m even happier to hear that you are doing well, for whatever reason. Since I have always worn gloves on the computer since I got this, the morg didn’t develop as much structure in my hands as it had the chance to do in my scalp, groin, underarms, and feet. I had quite a lot of dark gray slime mold emerge from everywhere that was prone to moisture retention. I did have a lot of peeling of the layers of skin off my hands, though, which sounds like a much milder herx. I’m taking neem leaf capsules too, two a day, to reduce the biting. It works in conjunction with the Pink Oil I put on my skin. Neither is enough by itself, at least not for me. All the king’s horsesThe F-products have also been a godsend and I think they will get me to the finish line.


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