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Saving Memories

January 01, 2012 By: kajay Category: F-Zymes, Mixed Surfaces, Morgellons

This is a war. We didn’t ask for it, but we got it. It will take a minute to win it, and we can win it faster if we identify ways to reduce habitat and time-consuming maintenance for you. We can also save money, as those cleaning supplies add up quickly.

It is understandable if we are determined to keep our books and china and our collections of country quilts and on and on. But for the moment, we might want to store those books in boxes packed with menthol crystals, wash our china in an ammonia-based cleaner and pack them with bubbles and more menthol or diatomaceous earth or some other method of keeping critters out, get them as sterile as we can, rent a storage space if we can afford it, and get them out of the war zone. Many people throw these things away, but if we can set aside our anger and desperation in favor of methodically and thoroughly sterilizing these things prior to removing them from our home, we might be able to salvage them.

I hope.

And if when I unpack my things they contaminate us, then we will have to make the final, hard choice.

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  1. erinsprayer says:


    I’m new to both the Morg experience and this site, but I can’t tell you what an encouragement it has been to me thus far! Thank you for sharing your insight!

    Since you have mentioned being a believer and Bible study, and you are talking about books here…my question is whether or not it is safe to keep and use my regular Bible, or if I must switch one on an iPad or Kindle? I am newly infected as is my cat, our vector was likely a bird mite infestation (confirmed) that we experienced. The mites still seem to here, biting and infesting my clothes but I can’t see them any longer. I threw away everything I owned and moved, but still this problem plagues me. The books I have are all newly purchased…but must they go as well? Especially my Bible?


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