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F-5 Capsule Therapy

July 04, 2011 By: kajay Category: F-Zymes, Morgellons

After the friend who first told me about F-5 told me he is taking one or more F-6 in capsules daily, we discussed my trying that and he advised that to limit my herxing since I have to work, I should only take one capsule of the F-5 daily.

Soon after I took my first capsule, I felt like the skin all over my head and face was alive. I had to lice comb twice and finally use a scrubbing pad with Dawn on my face to get everything off that was coming off. The same night I got out of the shower after my F-5 finishing drizzle and while I was walking around waiting for my skin to air dry began feeling movement all over my body. I took another shower and took extra pains washing down the shower after. That seemed to do the trick.

Another friend is having the same burned skin sensation with F-5 that I had previously with the benzoyl peroxide. I don’t think he has used the BP as aggressively as I did then so that might explain why I haven’t had that same reaction from the F-5.

In addition to the F-5 I am still taking neem leaf (1-2 caps daily) for the biting (helps a lot), evening primrose and B complex for my skin and my brain (B complex for prevention of dementia and the B12 in it helps me with my sciatic pain, as in, I hardly have any pain anymore thanks to that). I also take a decongestant at night because the F-5 (or something blooming in my area) has my chest congested at night. Based on the timing, I think it is the F-5.

The skin purging of critters has calmed down a little since I started the oral treatment, but continues at an escalated rate.

The tiny bit of F-6 that I have left is my treatment of choice for my eyes as it produces better effects and less itching (and thus less forceful rubbing and resulting redness) of the whole area around my eyes. I use cotton swabs to scrub both tear ducts, then lint-free cosmetic wipes on first lashes, then lids, brows, scalpline, and ears. Then I scrub the my face with F-5 and Dawn. The scrubbing really helps with the crawling.

My privates reacted to the F-5 treatment a week into the capsule treatment, making the tissue very tender and extremely painful, but I coped and that passed after a couple of days.

My feet keep looking better but are not beach ready yet. I have a picnic by the water to go to the end of the month so I’m hoping progress continues. If it does, I’m getting a pedi and buying some sandals – I already invested in a swimsuit – which is my way of saying I still have had NO lesions since the day after I first used F-5.


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  1. Jenna Hillesheim says:

    Just a quick note re: chest congestion. I had the same problem – could sense the edema in head moving from nasal sinus area back to mastoid sinus area, then to bronchial. (yrs. of chiro care has me very aware of what’s going on w/my body.) Was hospitalized w/5% lung capacity because I pushed things a bit too fast. Due to severe head infestation had to stick w/F-5 for quite some time & learn to take it slowly w/head interstate.

    • I had to back off as well. I had gotten aggressive, taking a teaspoon under the tongue twice daily. Even after I stopped taking Ivermectin, this sublingual dosage of the F-6 made me sick as a dog. However, the Iver made me sick even when I took the F-6 only in capsules. I had to stop the Iver and go back to F-6 capsules to make the nausea stop completely. Also, the main effect I now have in my sinuses is that all behind and around my nose and on the inner half circle around each eye, I experience occasional uncontrollable irritation and itching, and get crusty stuff out of my tear ducts. It got so bad I had my doc call in some sulfur eye drops, which help a little. I haven’t had the sinus drainage as badly since that one scary week. I keep sinus tablets and water by the bed should I awaken with fluid in my lungs, but haven’t had to use it. Thank you or your comment!


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