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February 12, 2012 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Herx, Ivermectin

The following information is culled from advice and reports from a friend who has benefitted from taking Ivermectin and claims to be free of parasites. I have just started with Durvet (mentioned below) and will provide my own results as I observe them. As always, this information is NOT medical advice. It is a first- and second-hand report of actions and apparent effects. Unlike the person who sent me this, I am also using F-6. Please see my separate reports on that. Here is what my friend said about Ivermectin:

APPARENT EFFECTS – My friend says the Ivermectin evidently killed her parasites in place rather than causing a herx/purge.

METHOD – She tried Ivermectin pills first, found horse paste gel more effective. She said Durvet apple-flavored gel tastes better and is easy to push up in the syringe and swallow the gel like a pill. This is how I have also been using it. We both take the Ivermectin by pushing the paste/gel out onto a finger, then swallowing it with some water, like a pill. That way, we don’t have to taste it.

DOSAGE AMOUNT- The package gives dosage by weight. One package treats a 1,250-pound horse once. My friend started at the dosage recommended for her weight, then gradually increased her dosage, paying close attention to any effects on her body. I am using just over a tenth of the syringe as I weigh 150.

DOSAGE INTERVALS – When symptoms were bad, my friend took the Ivermectin gel every 3 days for a week or so, then backed off till bad again. She felt she should not take Ivermectin at this rate over a long period of time, so she didn’t. She listened to her body. When she felt she should stop for a while, she did.

CONTROLS – When she was experimenting with Ivermectin, she was careful not to experiment with anything else new.

SIDE EFFECTS WHEN COMBINED – She did try one of the brands of Ivermectin horse paste that contained additional ingredients. She experienced a panic attack and her tongue swelled up. In her words, “It was awful.”

DOSAGE TIME – [Reporter] reports they liked taking first thing in the morning the best, on an empty stomach and not eating or drinking anything for an hour after.

HALF LIFE – Four hours.

MODE – My friend believes that Ivermectin moves out to the skin, and advises against showering or, if possible, sweating, for 8 hours after dosage.

BACKUP PLAN – She suggested using something oily on the skin to keep the Ivermectin and critters in the skin to die.

Anybody else?

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  1. worm paste! yeah! it didnt do much for me internally but i use it external for my gums and eyes. its amazing. you will not believe what will come out of your eyes using this stuff. it can take a little while, like 8-10 min before it kicks in but once it does…look out!

  2. Thank you for your comments. How did you get past the nausea, or did Iver do that for you?


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