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October 19, 2011 By: kajay Category: F-Zymes, Morgellons, Psychological Effects

Since March, I have been taking the F-products in capsule form, starting with one capsule daily of F-5 and working up to three capsules of F-7 daily now. I attribute many effects to taking the F-products internally. I take them on an empty stomach as my friend (who started me on the F-products) advised. Within a half hour, I need to eat something or I get nauseous, though a Pepto Bismal tablet works too. It was when I upped my dose from two to three caps a day that the number of exit wounds REALLY increased.  What are the long-term benefits of the F-zymes? My life back? Yes and no. I don’t think I have to name most of the benefits. But when the Morgellons are gone from me, they will be leaving me with something I did not really have before: My life, as I was intended to live it.

4 Comments to “F-Caps”

  1. Can you explain just what an exit wound is? I consider all little breaks in the skin to be lesions. So what separates a lesion from an exit wound and how would one know which is which?

    • You just helped me make up my mind to invest in another digital microscope. Then my answer will have some “teeth,” lol.

  2. I been taking two whole teaspoons two times a day.

    • That’s gutsy! I am up to five caps a day for the last two days and today my neck is itching so much I had to skip a party I had hoped to attend. Figured no one would want to stand next to someone clawing their neck. Soooo glad it is the weekend!


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