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Lice Combing – Not Just for Lice

June 04, 2012 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Hair, Scalp

Want to relieve some of your scalp and back of neck issues, and probably a lot more?

Consider combing. Lice combing, that is. But with a difference: you won’t ALWAYS need to look under a microscope at everything you remove from your scalp. . Just get the darn things out, wash your hair and sink, soak your comb in anything that will hold the business end under water, and squirt some Dawn in with it.

While you are combing you will need to clean the teeth of the comb after EVERY time you pull it through your hair. Use an old dish scrubber brush (with long handle) so the bristles have been broken in. New is okay, but in this case, old I find is better. Always draw the comb the wrong way. Close your eyes when you remove the comb from your hair and when you are scribbing the The difference is, if you are going to do this over the long haul, a lice comb might not be economical because they are generally designed for use only over a limited time. Then they break or rust pretty reliably. The only exceptions have been the ones I didn’t like, so I was back to flea combs, which are made to last, and they do. What to look for: the closest teeth (highest teeth count per inch) and a handle with a rubber grip or completely rubber. Your hands will be wet – you will need the grip. You can usually buy one that will work just fine at a pet or discount department store. Hold out for the rubber grip, don’t waste your time on one without that. When cleaning the flea comb with the dish brush, run the water low so that the comb does not bounce the contaminated water into your eyes.