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What Works4Me, Part 5

December 30, 2011 By: kajay Category: Best Practices, Showers, Skin, Tools

Cell Phone

On the way to the shower, I use a disinfectant wipe on my phone. I take it out of the case and wipe down the case itself and the sides and back of the phone. I let them dry while I shower.

Chin Down (Shower)

I was getting bitten in the shower till I found these tricks:
  • I NEVER wash my face and hair in the shower. I do that in the kitchen or bathroom sink (see above)
  • I use two plastic canisters in the shower. One for clean scrubbies and brushes, the other for the ones I have used. I keep the canisters filled with clean water that has some Dawn in it.
  • As soon as I step into the shower (in my Crocs) I dip two old scrubbies in one of the canisters and then hang up the two scrubbies on a hook I mounted near the shower head. This drips a Dawn solution slowly the whole time I shower, which reduces the ability of anything I scrub off of me from jumping right back on and taking a big chomp out of me.
  • I use my various scrubbies to get squeaky clean.
  • I get the water as hot as I can stand and “iron” my skin
  • I put some Dawn in my hands and spray it out and onto the shower enclosure walls. This also reduces biting the next time I shower.
  • I mix F-zymes in water (in an old plastic coconut oil jar), and drizzle it over my body. To reduce biting, I add Borax. To reduce itching from the borax, I add a pinch of Epsom Salts.
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