The Magazine for Sufferers of Morg, Lyme and More


Okay, let’s get the bad stuff out of the way first: 


We must generally operate–

  • Without medical or scientific support, knowledge, or resources
  • Without insurance
  • Without useful prescription medications
  • Without professional pest control
  • Without moral support (professional and personal)
  • Without our full mental capacities
  • Without sleep

Many have lost

  • Savings, job, home, vehicle, spouse, pets, children
  • Youth and/or the will to live
  • Loss of so much that simply isn’t quantifiable

My husband and I calculate that this disease has cost us roughly $750,000.

And yet… 


Despite everything above, one fact trumps it all: WE ARE STILL BREATHING.


Resolve not only to KEEP breathing, but to OUTLIVE THE BA____DS!!!
And you will.


2 Comments to “Sufferers”

  1. gerardo garcia says:

    i am a morgellons sufferer from 9 years ago,i got it in new jersey and i am in costa rica 4 years ago,thanks,

  2. Jan Sherman says:

    Yes we are still breathing.
    We must learn to “set aside” our fear, anger, despair. We must find at least one source of pleasure to distract us.
    We must find someone or something for which we are grateful.
    We must not throw ourselves away.
    We must take the next small step towards guarding our very soul.
    We must remember: we are not the disease.
    Something is more powerful than Morgellons. Our ablity to love.


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